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3 Ohio Caverns You Need to Know About

group of friends on a roadtrip with text saying to download our free vacation guideDo you consider yourself an explorer? Is Journey to the Center of the Earth your favorite novel? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, stop what you’re doing! We have the perfect itinerary for you. It’s time to plan your next adventure, and you’ll find it underground in Ohio! Leave the outside world for an afternoon and enter the marvelous world of Ohio caverns. Our charming inn is surrounded by three caverns, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them! As you read this blog, take notes and start planning your trip. Then, to make your visit even better, make sure you download a copy of our free Vacation Guide. It has all the top suggestions for local restaurants, events, museums, shops, outdoor activities, and more!


Go on an Epic Adventure at These 3 Ohio Caverns!


Seneca Caverns

Your journey begins in the Northeastern part of Seneca County at the Seneca Caverns. This incredible location was first discovered by two boys in 1872, who later told everyone about their discovery. The rest is history. The cave is as close as it can be to its natural state and boasts magnificent rocks and narrow passageways. Make sure you wear closed shoes and pants during your visit!


Olentangy Indian Caverns

Discover a world formed millions of years ago at the Olentangy Indian Caverns! Go on an incredible adventure through winding passages and dark rocky chambers, and learn more about the history of the people who inhabited them. The Wyandotte Indians lived in the caverns to protect themselves from weather and their enemies. After taking a guided tour, you can stop at the petting zoo or the gem mining ground!


Indian Trails Caverns

The Indian Trails Caverns and Sheriden Cave sit along a natural limestone-dolomite ridge near Seneca and Wyandot Count. The site has provided more than ten thousand specimens and artifacts since its discovery, including five species of life from before the ice age and extinct species like elk-moose, short-faced bears, and the giant beaver! Sadly, you can longer tour the Indian Trails Cavern, but it remains an important archeological site for scientists! 


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