When you stay at HideAway Country Inn, you’ll enjoy a wide array of amenities and extras. Browse below for a complete list of our offerings. Then, view our rooms & suites to find your favorite and book your stay! For more information on things to do during your visit, you can also view our complimentary Mid-Ohio Vacation Guide.

Features of Our Rooms & Suites

  • Restonic™ ComfortCare™
  • Lush robes (Also Available for Purchase)
  • SMART TV programmed with Netflix
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Coffeemaker
  • Alarm clock
  • Private bathroom
  • Fine soap, lotions and specialty bubble bath
  • Hair dryer
  • Individual climate control
  • Key-less entry
  • Free full hot breakfast for two
  • Porches with rocking chairs
  • Board games
  • Fire pits
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Late check-out 12 PM

Benefits of Staying with Us

  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Fresh country air
  • Food allergy accommodated
  • All-inclusive (everything is covered: food, spa, beverage, fun)
  • Personalized custom packages for special occasions or anytime
  • Easy to find
  • Quiet and close to nature
  • Rekindle romance
  • Celebrate Birthdays
  • Laugh the night away with your girlfriends
  • Productive strategic planning business retreats
  • Marriage retreats
  • Run away from life




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