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Ohio Bed and Breakfast to Full Service Boutique Hotel…

Before becoming HideAway Country Inn, a well-known inventor and industrialist, Mr. S.H. Smith, established the location as HideAway Farms in 1938.

The second owner of the HideAway, Dr. Dan Arnold, used today’s library space for patients although he was known for making frequent house calls. In addition to being a doctor, he enjoyed owning a farm and retained the name of HideAway Farms. He became famous for his well-bred dairy cattle in the United States and Europe.

The third owner, Mr. Velmer Carpenter, acquired the land in the 1960s and lived on the farm for 13 years before retiring to Florida. That’s when HideAway Farms became split into two properties. In 1973, Fred and Jane Fischer purchased the house now known as the HideAway Country Inn. The farmhouse on the hill, which used to house Bucyrus Township school teachers, was once part of the HideAway property until it was sold to a local farm family that still farms the land today.

That Brings us to 30 Years Later…..

In 1990, current owners Steve and Debbie Miller purchased HideAway with the dream of turning it into a bed and breakfast. They envisioned a getaway resort where couples, families, business travelers, ministers and missionaries could come to relax, renew and reflect.

The house had some unique features to build upon in their quest. For instance, there are 4,000 board feet each of solid oak and cherry flooring and paneling, something that’s not found in many Ohio boutique hotels. In the library, you’ll find hidden doors on each side of the fireplace that adds to the mystique of the hotel. In the basement, you’ll discover an old bomb shelter with 24 inches of concrete on the ceiling and walls that was converted into the HideAway Country Inn wine cellar.

In the beginning, Debbie, with their three small children, visited auctions and antique shops to find treasures to fill the gem of a house. It took an investment of time, energy, patience and funds but finally, the rooms were filled with rarities like the mahogany sleigh bed in the Carpenter Room or the burled walnut Victorian bed in the Smith Room. The Garden Room was the brainchild of former employee Debbie McCoy who transformed the ordinary room into a beautiful portrait of a spring garden. The bed in the Inventor’s Escape Room was designed by Debbie Miller and built by a local carpenter, Chuck Rossman, with a unique feature – it converts from a king-sized bed into two extra-long twin beds.

By February of 1991, the HideAway Bed and Breakfast was up and running. However, remodeling efforts began to make the inn more ensuite-friendly. In 1992, a Jacuzzi and a bathroom were added to the Carpenter Room (named after owner Velmer Carpenter) from two closets and a corner of the room. That same year, a fire destroyed the kitchen and in its wake, came a modern commercial workstation, efficient for preparing large meals. As the 1990’s progressed, more upgrades and renovations took place, including plumbing to the Inventor’s Escape Room, creation of the Eagles Nest suite and the Cherry Suite in the basement. Even the family quarters expanded at this time to give the owners more space.

As the Millennium Approached…

The 1938 barn re-construction began in September 2000. The purpose was to create a homey atmosphere along with a theme hotel vibe with suites such as Country Oak Loft, Out of Africa, Cherry Blossom, Hunters Loft and Louis XIV. It also included a meeting room to hold up to 165 guests and a 40’ X 60’ brick patio. Debbie designed the rooms in the middle of the night on a piece of scrap paper and then consulted over 50 ‘road warriors’, people who travel over 100,000 air miles a year, to ask their opinions on which hotel designs offered the most comfortable stay.

The following year, in October 2001, Steve and Debbie’s children were now teenagers. Between coming and going, and a parade of friends, it got noisy, so they decided to purchase a home nearby. Part of their living quarters became the popular Tree House Suite. Six years later, in August of 2007, a new kitchen was designed so the HideAway Country Inn could host cooking schools, large parties and events. The wine cellar was created after the inn went on the ballot to acquire a liquor license since Bucyrus Township was still in prohibition status with no sales of any wine or other spirits. After receiving the license, and several years of trying, the Award of Excellence (given to wine cellars with 130+ different varieties of wine) from Wine Spectator Magazine was awarded to the HideAway Country Inn Restaurant. Today, the Inn offers a wine tasting class every day of the week, except for Sunday.

As the next decade approached, The 1938 Restaurant & Pub was born in 2012 out of a need for a less formal dining experience and fun, light atmosphere. In winter of 2014-2015, fabulous artist and employee, Victoria Hicks painted the stairs to the wine cellar and remodeled many of the suites and rooms of the hotel. Wonderful finds from a local friend downsizing from a Victorian Mansion to a condo brought incredible antiques into the overall decor.

2016 Brought the Remodel…

Several rooms were remodeled in the now full-service hotel. You may not find Debbie at the Inn as much, Steve is on his journey now fighting cancer and Debbie, when not at the Inn, is his main caregiver. The excellent staff has been painstakingly trained to offer you top-quality service which is the main goal of HideAway Country Inn.

Today, HideAway Country Inn, Ohio Boutique Hotel, truly offers it all – from private dinners to massages, and everything in between. It’s even been named by bedandbreakfast.com as one of the premier couple’s resorts and top Ohio romantic getaways in Ohio. The Inn is ready to help with your next vacation and handles everything from business retreats to wedding venues with its spa and restaurant. Please enjoy the HideAway Country Inn by letting us pamper you with impeccable service and customized experience. If you have any questions or would like to discuss event hosting, please let one of us know and we will be happy to help you.

2018-2020 Much has Changed…..

In 2018, Debbie lost Steve to kidney cancer. Debbie returned to the Inn and became actively involved in updating and renovating many of the suites. The long hours of physical labor helped her to heal and with the help of all her GREAT past guests and NEW friends, she knows she will continue to heal. These days, Debbie loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren taking them on adventures and spending as much time as she can with them. Each new day is a blessing and Debbie deserves to spend her days enjoying her family.

In 2020, our General Manager, Snobilee Bloomfield, returned to the Inn as well. A message from Sno: The staff and I are thrilled to still be working and serving our wonderful guests. Our guests have made us what we are today and every day for the last 33 years. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and most of all, we hope you enjoy spending time with your loved one here and make the best memories to cherish forever. We hope you feel at home while you’re here but, most importantly, leave well rested, renewed, & relaxed. We appreciate you all. Thank you for choosing us! Stay tuned!

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