Halloween From HideAway

Trick or Treat at Hideaway Country Inn

I’ve always thought Halloween, or trick or treat to be more specific, is the holiday domain of kids, or at least it used to be.

It was that one night that as an elementary- or middle school-age kid you could dress up in the costume of your choice and go out with your friends and wander the streets and subdivisions and ask people you didn’t even know for candy.

Christmas and all the presents and stuff is great, but it’s run by the grown-ups. Kids are on their schedule.

But on Oct. 31 kids get to run their own show, within reason of course.

And, yes, they rely on adults to provide them with candy bars, gum, popcorn balls and the like, but kids get to choose which house they want to go to, whether to trade their candy with their friends, and just in general feel their independence more than the other 364 days of the kid year.

HideAway Country Inn is a little bit like that for adults.

The inn and its staff provide their guests a cushy room with Jacuzzi or hot tub, a delicious breakfast and the availability of a pub and amenities galore.

But it’s up to the grown-up kid to decide of which pampering he or she would like to partake.

Will it be a 90-minute massage for two with your significant other by a certified masseuse or a facial and sea salt scrub or an Asian-styled manicure or a wine-tasting class or a chocolate lover’s private event?

Or do you go for a romantic walk in the woods or take a short drive to the many other attractions near our north-central Ohio location?

For the adults who want to relive some of the thrill of Halloween frights they may have experienced as a child there are some events just a few minutes’ drive away.

Halloween Behind Bars

The Ohio State Reformatory Mansfield is the site for Paranormal Penitentiary and its themed fun fright event of Monster Lockdown.

Hollywood special FX director Robert Kurtzman and his Creature Corps are presenting Monster Lockdown from Sept. 23 through Oct. 30 at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield. The event is based on a secret society bottling to take back control of the reformatory from a phalanx of evil creatures that have been released by a violent inmate.

For general information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Ghostly Tiffin

Or you can take a short drive to Tiffin for Haunted Tiffin Ghost Walk.

Paranormal specialists guide participants on routes through historic Tiffin sites as they share with them the paranormal activity they are experiencing.

Register for the walk at www.hauntedtiffin.com online.

When you are done getting your scare on, return to the cozy confines of our boutique hotel and enjoy.


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