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As you daydream about perfect Ohio wedding venues, what do you picture?

  • Outdoor wedding venues, surrounded by sunshine and flowers?
  • Under the stars exchanging rings by candlelight?
  • A fall wedding with warm hued foliage around?
  • Surrounded by only your closest friends and family?
  • Sharing the joy with a large gathering of loved ones?

The point is… you decide. Make all of your sweetest dreams come true while the best planners in Ohio handle your wedding checklist. Contact the boutique hotel HideAway Country Inn and arrange an appointment with our wedding planner. There’s no charge to discuss your preliminary wedding plans. Call toll free at 1-419-562-3013 or email us today to start planning your special event with all the joy and excitement you deserve.

Wedding Reservation Bookings

We require a security deposit of 1,000 USD to confirm a reservation, with the balance (including Ohio 7 % Sales tax) progressively paid by contract schedule.

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