Are you planning a business retreat anytime soon? Do you want to find a quiet place to brainstorm innovative ideas with your team? Look no further, because we have exactly what you need. HideAway Country Inn is the perfect place for you. Our beautiful countryside inn offers stunning accommodations, top-notch service, great business amenities, and the tranquility you need to be creative. You work hard to make your business work, so let us pamper you in the process! Read on to find out why HideAway is one of the best business venues in Ohio, and start planning your corporate retreat today!

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Doing Business Has Never Been so Relaxing

Top-Notch Accommodations

Just because it’s a business trip doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. Our elegant accommodations are the perfect match for your business group. Discover our elegant decor, modern amenities, and relax like never before. Each of our rooms and suites features their own unique feel and provides business traveler essentials like free Wi-Fi, ironing sets, alarm clocks, hair dryers, complimentary wake-up calls, luxurious robes, and fine bath products. It’s so cozy that you might not want the business trip to end!


High-End Amenities

What makes HideAway so special is our attention to detail. Our amenities are designed to help you relax and provide you with the best service possible. We want you to have an unforgettable experience! In addition to our splendid guest rooms, we have an award-winning wine cellar, a full bar, and fine dining entrées at our 1938 Restaurant & Pub. There’s also an in-house spa! Enjoy spa breaks at a discounted rate—either in the spa room or on the patio (weather permitting).


Peaceful Location

No need to worry about traffic or other urban disturbances at HideAway. Our inn is located in the heart of Central Ohio’s countryside. You’ll love waking up to views of fields and the soothing sound of chirping birds. Here, you can leave all the stress behind and focus like never before. We also offer outdoor amenities to help you enjoy the scenery even more! After your meetings, go play life-size yard games like chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe. Or, grill some s’mores at the fire pits!

Find the Meeting Room That Fits Your Needs

HideAway Country Inn offers a wide variety of business meeting rooms. Take a look at all of our options below to see which one best fits your needs!

Note: All rooms come with electronics (digital projectors, projector screens, speakers, remote clickers, phone charges, stereo, etc), snacks and drinks, on-site catering, a complimentary event coordinator, and stationery items (portable whiteboards, flip charts, notepads, pens and markers, sticky notes, etc).

Think Tank

For the company whose innovative ideas really set them apart.

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.” George S. Patton

Think Tank is a space where your business can escape to think about, create, and develop innovative business plans. It will inspire your team’s creators to generate game-changing ideas or formulate strategic planning that will move your business forward.

It’s the ultimate to stimulate the creative genius of your employees. The doors open to a patio with high ceilings, moving furniture, team-building games, toys, and other fun items to help propagate original thought. It also includes flip charts, colorful markers, and even a stereo. It’s also climate-controlled for your comfort. What it includes:

  • Creative Spaces
  • Breakout Spaces
  • Inspiration And Innovation Exercises To Get The Creativity Flowing
  • Secluded And Private
  • Beautiful Grounds For Natural Renewal
  • Space To Challenge Each Other And Build New Ideas For GrowthHacking

Executive Board

A highly optimized space designed to meet your executive board meeting needs.

This room is designed to help you discuss your company’s performance and consider ways to maximize returns. Use it for the day or simply stay overnight if you’re looking for a corporate retreat. Each available area is tailored to the ideal size of your staff. Plus, your meeting space comes fully stocked with amenities your executives expect from a top-tier corporate retreat. What to expect:

  • Board room table that increases or decreases in size depending on the number of chairs needed
  • Conference table with projector and screen
  • Living room furniture arranged into a separate seating area
  • Carriage House – The Pines Conference Room (up to 16 board members)
  • Carriage House – The Woodland Conference Room (up to 50 Board Members)
  • Manor House – The Four Seasons Barrel Room (up to 24 Board Members)
  • Manor House – The Library (up to eight Board Members)
  • Manor House – The Chandelier Room (up to 12 Board Members)
  • Manor House – The Gathering Place (up to 24 Board Members)

Leadership Space

Perfect for the business that knows growth starts with strong leadership.

Training your next leaders is imperative to your growing business. There are times when standard hotel meeting rooms suit this purpose. But if you’re looking to inspire your staff, that’s where HideAway Country Inn is different. Whether you are a B2B, B2C or H2H company, you know that training and growing strong leaders takes a concentrated and continual effort. Allow us to facilitate your leadership training, renewal, or growth at our corporate retreat. Whether it’s for the day, weekend, or entire week, you’ll have everything you need for a productive time, including team-building exercises. From inspiring speakers to outside activities, let HideAway and your meeting planner create the perfect event so your team can build a brighter future. Private facilitators are available if you contact us in the early planning stages. That way we can book your facilitator so your event goes smoothly. Your personal training needs may include:

  • Professional Coaching
  • One Day Retreats to a Full Camp Retreat
  • Professional Training with a list of Qualified Speakers, teachers and coaches.

Block O

Designed for intense business meeting interactions for real goal achievers

Created to maximize participation from each attendee in your meeting, this layout is great for your committee, action group, team building exercise or board meeting. The Block O or Hollow Square style setup consists of four or more tables arranged in a square, rectangle or the traditional Block O, in which the middle of the design is empty. Also known as a closed ‘U’ design, participants in this set-up will sit on three (or all) sides of the space, but there is an emphasis and focus on a power figure at the head. Some of the advantages of a Block O Design include:

  • Each participant has the same Amount of Space.
  • Participant Easily See One Another
  • Each Participant has a Writing Surface.
  • Setup is critical as far as Participation is concerned.
  • The Block O is best for groups under 30 people for Maximum Participation.
  • Good for Larger Committee or Board Meetings of 17 to 30 People.
  • Avoid Long, Straight Sections of Tables Over 12 Feet Long.


Perfect when the Instructor is the focal point while still allowing breakout, smaller groups

“Team tables” or “Clusters” create the ultimate training atmosphere and allows for great audio and visual learning. This set-up is popular when note taking and laptops are a must. If presentations are in integral part of your meeting this set-up allows you to achieve maximum results. It offers a comfortably seat for every attendee at a table and provides direct sight and voice communication with event participants. A few options in set-up include:

  • Participants Are Seated at Standard Rectangular (single or back to back) or Round Tables (60″, 66”, or 72″ in diameter)
  • Seating May Be 6, 8, or 10 Participants Per Table, Depending on Room and/or Table Size
  • Depending on the Needs of the Session, Groups Can Be Organized as Cross-Functional or as Departmental or Established Dynamically, as needed
  • Provides easier Sup-group Work Sessions or Group Problem Solving Sessions
  • Meal Service During, Before or After Your Meeting
  • Appropriate for Small Team, Work Group and Committee Meetings
  • Ideal for Small Breakout
  • Ideal for Study Groups with Group Interactions, Discussions and/or Note Taking
  • Co-facilitators are Recommended if a Larger Numbers of Participants are Anticipated.


Perfect for companies with employees needing a learning atmosphere

For a meeting planner who’s tasked with finding a ‘school’ location this set-up is more classroom based. It features the traditional set-up that includes the tables and chairs facing the front of the room. It’s ideal for making the guest speaker or presenter a star. It’s also a good choice when note taking is essential to the learning process. When it comes to refresher courses for employees or new product roll outs, this meeting room is one of the more popular choices. Furthermore, although it’s instructional in style, break-out sessions can also be customized for your seminar, if desired.

  • Comfortable chairs
  • Plenty of Room at Tables for Note Taking
  • Quiet, Private Room with No Distractions
  • Ideal for Retraining Information or Launching New Products
  • Can Accommodate Small and Large Groups
  • Can be held in the Gathering Place, 4 Seasons Barrel Room or Woodland Conference Room


Private venue for your guest speaker or life coach to inspire and motivate your team members

This space is ideal for larger groups that feature a guest speaker or an inspirational figure because it creates a performance atmosphere. Help spark the imagination and innovation of your people by having your event properly staged. You can enjoy a roomy, private meeting space that’s centrally located in Ohio so all your key employees can attend. Plus, since HideAway Country Inn is a conference hotel you can make it a stay over, making it a one-of-a-kind corporate retreat in Mid-Oh. Consider this: a great speaker in the right atmosphere can be that ignition that INSPIRES your best and brightest to reach new heights of achievement. The theater set-up includes:

  • Comfy Chairs
  • Climate Controlled
  • Secluded yet Easy to Find
  • State of the Art Sound System
  • Food and Beverage Packages Available
  • Inside and Outside Spaces Available
  • Overnight Accommodation


10 breakout rooms to accentuate your meetings at Ohio’s premier meeting venue

This room set-up is great for small workshops or training session. HideAway Country Inn can split a large group into smaller groups for easier discussions or collaboration. Breakout rooms can be used for both board meetings and training sessions. Furthermore, you can create up to 12 breakout rooms for a single meeting or training session so there’s no reason to ‘rent’ more space than you actually need.

  • Carriage House’s Eagles Nest Suite Offers Guaranteed Ultimate Privacy that’s Great for Depositions, Labor Negotiations, etc.
  • Carriage House’s Gazebo is Highlighted by a Fountain, in Shaded Area and is ideal for Work Groups
  • Carriage House’s The Secret Garden that’s Shakespearean in Nature is Super Quiet and Entwined with our Butterfly Garden to Inspire Original Ideas
  • Manor House’s 4 Seasons Barrel Room Hosts Up to 24 Board Members
  • Manor House’s Library Hosts up to 8 Board Members
  • Manor House’s Chandelier Room Hosts Up to 12 Board Members
  • Manor House’s Gathering Place Hosts Up to 24 Board Members
  • Manor House’s Wine Cellar, Owners Quarters and Tree House Suite All Make Superior Breakout Rooms

Make Your Next Business Trip the Success It Can Be!

Give your corporate retreat the love it deserves at HideAway Country Inn. Now that you know all that makes our inn one of the best business venues in Ohio, what are you waiting for? Book your stay today and see for yourself! Once you experience it, you’ll never want to stay anywhere else!

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