InnSpire your Imagination

Whether it’s a corporate retreat or shareholder meeting, experience amusing team building activities, in HideAway Country Inn’s 25 years of hosting corporate retreats in Ohio, we know how important setting up everything at your function can be. This includes board meetings to corporate retreats to get your workers back in tune with each other.  No matter the corporate occasion, HideAway Country Inn will help make your function a success.

Game of Champions

  • Customized Group Games with a Facilitator – Have fun learning strategy and communication with our life-sized Chess, Checkers or Jenga. Games help teach coordination and cooperation while outdoor Yahtzee, Corn-hole or Twister offers fun and a way to de-stress with some friendly competition. Enjoy a great group bonding experiences while having fun with lessons your gathering will fondly remember.

    Health and Wellness:

    De-Stress for Success: Your crew will learn healthy, de-stress techniques in a private class with a yoga instructor. Connect your mind and body while learning meditation techniques that are valuable to your staff or loved ones since these skills increases morale, productivity, happiness and well-being.

    Healthy and Happy Team: Your friends or associates will receive a private class with our chef to learn about healthy cooking and diet while incorporating mind and body easing herbs into everyday use. A healthy and happy gang makes your event (and daily life) even better.

  • InnSpiration for the Mind: Take part in creative and fun puzzle games the whole group can enjoy. The puzzles can be solved individually, in groups or as a whole team. Customize the lessons for what you want your attendees expectations.InnSpiration for the Body: Kinesthetic exercises for the whole group help bring home the mind/ body connection and the importance of whole body imagination to inspire new ideas and innovations.InnSpiration for the Soul: Experience a water-based sculpting class with an area master sculptor or an acrylic painting class with a local master painter. Learn techniques and tips while having fun letting your creative side take charge. What will your team create and what will it inspire them to do?

Do you have a particular need or lesson for your event attendees? Let our facilitator customize an event just for you.