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Business Packages at HideAway Country Inn

At HideAway, we want to make your business trip a success. We have 25 years of experience hosting corporate retreats, after all! In addition to our top-notch accommodations and meeting rooms, we also provide impeccable catering options and creative activities for you and your team. Take a look at our packages below and consider them for your trip!

Business Package Options


Innovation Package

When it comes to business, even the smallest change can impact the course of your company in a dramatic way. Thanks to customized group games such as life-sized checkers, chess, and even Jenga, your group can get their creative juices flowing with team-building activities. You can also "de-stress for success" thanks to a massage or a yoga session with a private instructor.

group huddle

Imagination Package

Whether it’s a corporate retreat or shareholder meeting, your group will love our team-building activities. No matter the corporate occasion, HideAway Country Inn will help make your function a success. We offer customized group games for great group bonding experiences, kinesthetic exercises to inspire new ideas and innovations, and de-stress techniques to increase productivity and well-being.

plate of meat

Tastebud Package

The key to focus and efficiency is a healthy and tasty diet. That’s why we strive to provide the best meals for you and your team. We offer a wide variety of specialty food and beverage selections to give you and your team the experience you deserve and set you up for success.

Find the Meeting Room That Fits Your Needs

HideAway Country Inn offers a wide variety of business meeting rooms to fit all of your business needs. All rooms come with electronics (projector screens, speakers, remote clickers, phone charges, stereo, etc), snacks and drinks, on-site catering, a complimentary event coordinator, and stationery items (portable whiteboards, flip charts, notepads, pens and markers, sticky notes, etc).

Just because it’s a business trip doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort. In addition to our splendid guest rooms, we have an award-winning wine cellar, a full bar, and fine dining entrées at our 1938 Restaurant & Pub. Enjoy spa breaks at a discounted rate—either in the spa room or on the patio. After your meetings, go play life-size yard games like chess, checkers, and tic-tac-toe. Or, make some s’mores at the fire pits!

Request Venue Information

Please provide us with some information about your special plans and we will be happy to provide more information. Or you may call us at 419-562-3013 to speak with our event planner.


Clay Pigeons & Pheasant Hunts

Focusing on actual targets can help your team when it comes to focusing on your business goals.

  • Clay Pigeons – Bring your own equipment and go at your own pace
  • Up your Chances – Choice of sporting clays or trap shooting with an instructor
  • Guided Half-day or Full-day Pheasant Hunts – With or without your own equipment
  • Hunt ‘em, Bag ‘em, Cook ‘em – Enjoy a unique hunting experience with seasoned guides and bring your prize hunt back to the inn. Learn different recipes for preparing your bird and take part in a team-centered cooking experience with our professional chef.

HideAway Country Inn

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