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Wine Tasting Class for Novices to Enthusiasts

Learning wine facts shouldn’t be drabble or time-consuming and at our wine cellar it isn’t. In addition to being one of the oldest beverages on earth, it’s also one of the most misunderstood. It’s why wine tasting education is so popular. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your way through the maze of wines in the world, HideAway Country Inn is here. Our wine tasting lessons aren’t just educational, they’re also enjoyable. They’re also constructed for anyone to enjoy – from casual wine drinkers to enthusiasts. To find out more about our wine school, call us today at 419–562–3013.

Highlights & Features

  • Wine tasting ABCs. Find out what to look for a glass of wine and how to properly describe it.
  • Understand the art of winemaking. In addition to evaluating wine, learn a few facts about its history and differences between regions.
  • Learn proper food pairings. Go beyond the basics of using white wine with fish and red wine with the meat. Instead, learn the perfect combination.
  • Using your senses. What you see and smell is just as important as what you taste when it comes to understanding wines.
  • Share your love of wine. Get closer with loved ones or make new friends as you explore the wonderfulness of wine together at our wine tasting school.

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