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Plan a Corporate Retreat Worth Your While

Plan a Corporate Retreat Worth Your While

A corporate retreat should be worth your while, giving your business the direction it needs to meet goals for the upcoming year, while also allowing your team time to come together. With the New Year comes new business resolutions, and time to plan for the next fiscal year.

Here are some tips to kick off the planning part of a corporate retreat with a bang.

Choose the Ideal Retreat Location

While exploring major cities is a great vacation idea, studies show that an effective corporate retreat often calls for a more quiet, remote place.

Why not select a retreat venue setting that encourages relaxation, with a luscious backdrop that highlights nature, fresh air and clear skies?Here are some tips to kick off the planning part of a corporate retreat with a bang.

In the countryside, you’ll get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and be able to focus on what really matters: Getting away from the distractions of the daily grind and working IN the business, to focusing ON the business.

The facility should have the appropriate technologies and tools to hold an effective meeting, such as high-speed internet, flip charts, adequate heating and cooling, good lighting, a variety of meeting arrangements, and more.

Plan the Sessions

As you plan the sessions, keep in mind your end goal for the corporate retreat. Is it for strategic planning? Budgeting? Problem solving? Developing new objectives and goals?

Start with the goal, and then work from there.

Depending on its purpose, carve out enough time for at least a one-day retreat. Be sure to allow for times that bring the entire group together, but also include breakout sessions for smaller groups.

And of course, don’t forget short breaks to give participants time to stretch their legs and grab a snack.

It’s All About the Extras

A corporate retreat is hard work. You’ll want to give people the right food to stay energized and ready to tackle the next session. You can also include overnight lodging if your retreat will last longer than one day or you want to give your team a chance to relax after the meetings are over.

Ask your retreat venue if they offer a corporate retreat package that includes food and accommodations.

Make It Fun

Give your team an opportunity to unwind. How about opportunities to spend the day at a spa?

Let the participants choose from a massage, a head and shoulders massage, or a manicure and pedicure. Spa treatments are another great way to not only build the team, but also let the members unwind.

Build Your Team

No matter how well your team gets along, team-building activities always deliver a positive outcome.

Try something new, instead of the go-to trust-building stand-bys. And help your team get to know each other in a setting outside of work and in a more personal, relaxed way.

Try taking a cooking class together, and challenge your team to work together preparing dinner for the entire group!

The act of preparing the meal gives your team an opportunity to work together and use new skills, as well as enjoy partaking in the meal and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

The HideAway Country Inn is the ideal location to hold your corporate retreat. We’ll cover all the basics, while you and your team can focus on what matters: advancing your business.

Give us a call today to book your retreat or ask questions about our venue.

What’s your biggest retreat-planning challenge?


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