Pickawillany: Ohio’s First Step into History

2016-03-11 21:50:09
Tuesday, March 15   7pm   Lowe-Volk Park, 2401 State Route 598

The Crawford Park District welcomes guest presenter, Bill Pickard of The Ohio History Connection.   

In the 1740’s, the Ohio Country was a disputed ground between the French and English.  The native inhabitants were continually pulled to one side or the other as each country plied for their trade.  The village of Pickawillany (located near present-day Piqua) was settled by the Miami’s in response to pressures put upon them by the French and their Indian Allies.  As the village quickly grew and trade with the British increased, the French and their Allies knew it had to stop.  The rest of the story is bloody and vicious.  The Ohio History Connection’s Archeology Curator Bill Pickard will discuss the details of this large trading village, its importance in the Ohio Fur Trade, and its subsequent destruction.  Bill will also present current archeological research being conducted at Pickawillany.  This comprehensive research program utilizes technologies old and new, as well as searches of period journals and other accounts to investigate the site from as many points of view as possible. It’s all part of an ongoing process to do archaeology properly in order to make sense of the place where written history in Ohio is said to have begun.

  • guest presenter Bill Pickard
  • archeological research
  • Village of Pickawillany

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