Woman in spa gets a facial during her mother-daughter getaway at HideAway

Are You Ready for the Best Mother-Daughter Getaway?

hideaway inn vacation guide with backdrop of a straw hatWhether you’re the child or the parent, the time you spend together in the “early years” is so precious. Now that everyone is all grown up, it’s getting more complicated to have one-on-one moments together; after all, life’s busy for both of you! If you want to take some time to reconnect with each other, we have the perfect solution: a mother-daughter getaway! Read on to find out how to plan the perfect trip and start making plans today! If you want to find out all the marvelous things Central Ohio has to offer, make sure you download our free Vacation Guide!

Here’s Why You Need a Mother-Daughter Getaway at HideAway


The Benefits of a Mother-Daughter Trip

Creating a long-lasting and strong relationship with your beautiful daughter or mother is one of your top priorities, but it’s hard to find the time, isn’t it? That’s precisely why a mother-daughter getaway is what you need. Enjoy a peaceful retreat in our charming country inn and make new memories!

It’s a fabulous way to spend time together if you two live far away from each other. It’s also a great way to celebrate a birthday! Give your mother (or daughter) the gift of relaxation and become closer than ever.

How To Plan the Perfect Girls’ Trip

The first thing to remember when planning a mother-daughter getaway is compromising: keep in mind what the other one likes or dislikes. For example, does anyone have any limitations physically? Do you need to avoid long walks or lots of steps? How long do you want your trip to be? Who’s in charge of planning? Once you’re all set with your expectations, you can get to the nitty-gritty and plan the most amazing vacation ever for the two of you.

Make sure you take advantage of time. Do you want to lay back and enjoy indoor activities like the spa, or would you rather explore the outdoors, visit museums, attend a local event, etc. Remember to be flexible; the last thing you want is to start a fight during your vacation. Map out the things you’re interested in, create a budget, and decide on the length of your stay.


Choose HideAway!

A mother-daughter getaway should be relaxing, serene, peaceful, and feel like an upgrade from your everyday life. HideAway Country Inn is one of the best choices you can make. Our lovely property is at the heart of Central Ohio, near the town of Bucyrus, Marion, and Richland. It’s within driving distance from major cities like Columbus, OH, Cleveland, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA!


Things to Do on a Mother-Daughter Weekend

Here are some of the things you can expect at HideAway during your fabulous retreat:

  • Spa treatments for everyone. Start your getaway in style with a group mani-pedi or schedule a soothing massage at our spa. Let’s not forget about facials! They will set the stage for relaxing and lots of chit chat in between treatments.
  • A cooking class. Join our Chef as he walks you through how to prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner  – and then dine on the food after the class is over!
  • Yoga on the patio. Relax both mind and body with this fun activity. A little physical activity will get your blood flowing and set a serene mood for the rest of the day. Once the class is over, order some wine in the pub and enjoy a beautiful Ohio sunset.
  • Dinner in the Manor House. Do you know we also have our own in-house restaurant? Not only that, but the 1938 Restaurant is one of the bests in the Bucyrus area! Eat delicious entrees made with local ingredients, while overlooking the property’s impressive landscape.
  • Learn about wine. We’ve appropriately named our wine education class “The Wine Snob.” Our sommelier will teach you how to taste wine, even down to the details on how to hold your glass, how to read a wine label, and more!


What Are You Waiting for? Book at HideAway Today!

country oak loft suiteNow that you know all the wonderful things our lovely country inn has to offer, why wait? Treat yourself and your daughter (or daughters!) to the most relaxing trip. You’ll love our spacious rooms and modern amenities, so much so that you will wish to come back as soon as possible!

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