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What You Need to Know Before You Visit the Little Brown Jug Horse Race

Less than forty minutes south from our gorgeous inn, is the Delaware County Fairgrounds, home to the Little Brown Jug horse race. If you’re a horse racing fan, you’re probably already familiar with what the race is and what it brings to the sport! If you’re a casual enthusiast, you may not know about this fun race, so be sure to read on. The Little Brown Jug horse race is always the third Thursday after Labor Day and it’s the perfect kickoff to fall. Here’s what you need to know to plan your visit to the race!

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Discover the Amazing Little Brown Jug Horse race


The Little Brown Jug Horse Race – How it Began

The Little Brown Jug horse race is named in honor of Little Brown Jug, a nine-time champion now in the USTA Hall of Fame Immortal. Every horse in the race is a three-year-old Standardbred. The first race was held in 1946 and it’s been a much-loved tradition ever since! If you want a taste of the racing circuit, a visit to the Little Brown Jug race is a must-do on your Ohio trip.


The Little Brown Jug Horse Race – What to Expect

The Little Brown Jug horse race is a harness race on a half-mile track. Unlike thoroughbred racing where the jockeys ride on top of the horses, a harness race has the jockeys, or drivers, in a small cart behind the horse called a “sulky”. The horses used in harness racing have shorter legs and longer bodies, perfect for quickly getting the sulky around the track. Expect lots of excited fans rooting for their favorites, lots of delicious food and lots of debate over which horse to bet on at the wagering booths.


The Little Brown Jug Horse Race – A Little Piece of History

Very little has changed in the Little Brown Jug race. The purse has grown larger, the sulky carts have gotten speedier, but overall, the race itself is still the same race that it was years and years ago. It’s a fun and exciting way to see history come to life. Whether or not you have a favorite horse in the race, we guarantee that you will get caught up in the emotions of watching the race. The tears of both joy and sadness around you is palpable. The horses are beautiful and it’s incredible to watch how quickly they fly around the track. It’s a day you won’t soon forget!

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