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How to Plan the Best Girlfriend Getaway – Ever

It’s been in the back of your mind for years. Or maybe you plan one annually. Your dream trip with your girlfriends. Regardless, it’s time to put that dream into action. Here’s how to plan the best girlfriend getaway you’ve ever had!

Step 1: Look for a deal

Even if you want to stay in a 5-star hotel, you can still find ways to pay less. One of the best strategies is to find packages for girlfriend getaways.

Whether you’re looking to stay at a boutique hotel or a large one, ask about a package that includes a spa treatment, a few chocolate treats, or other goodies.

You may even be able to find a package that really gets the trip off on the right foot. So don’t just look for packages labeled “girlfriend weekend,” or something like that.

A romance package that comes with lots of wine?  –  You’re good to go.

An adventure package that features horseback riding and a hot-air balloon ride?  –  Check!

Step 2: Check the off-season

Most travel during off-peak seasons will cost less. As we’re heading into fall, check around for accommodations that provide a discount for booking a getaway during the off season.

You’ll maximize your dollars and get away when hotels and local sights are not as crowded.

Step 3: Don’t discount the week

The majority of travelers go away for the weekend. If you and your girlfriends can steal away during a week day, you can snag a better deal.

That’s especially true if you’re wanting to head to the spa, which are usually very busy on the weekends.

Step 4: Look online

Many establishments offer special deals to internet customers only. So hunt around for discounts and offers.

Even better, sign up for your favorite hotels’ email newsletters. It’s typically where they and other service providers dish out deals to their loyal customers and fans.

Step 5: Stay close to home

An easy way to save money AND plan the best girlfriend getaway is to stay local. A flight across the country will instantly increase the trip’s cost and require more travel time.

Stay local and drive a couple of hours to a small hotel, where you can explore the area, take a walk in the countryside or woods, and connect with your besties  –  all within the span of a day or a couple of days.

Get started

The best girlfriend getaway doesn’t have to be a complicated trip to a Caribbean island, a trip that requires lots of advance planning. Sometimes, the best trips are the ones in which you can plan to get away quickly.

Toss some clothes in a bag and getaway with your girlfriends when work gets stressful and you need a break from the daily grind.

Contact HideAway Country Inn for information about our girlfriend getaway packages, because you deserve an epic girlfriend trip!


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