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How to Give the Perfect Romantic Massage

Hideaway Country Inn offers various romantic Massage Services to make your Romantic Weekend Getaway both memorable and relaxing!  Just imagine – slow music, gentle hands, comfort, and relaxation – sounds good and feels good. 

Want a more personal touch? We’ve got you covered for that as well! Check out these 9 tips on how to give the perfect romantic massage to your special someone in the privacy of your own luxury suite.*

9 Tips on How to Give a Romantic Massage She’ll Never Forget

  1. Start with warm hands, a warm room, a firm surface, and a pillow for her head.
  2. Retrieve a towel to cover her during the massage (when you are working on the legs, cover her back) or to put under her ankles or neck for ultimate comfort.
  3. Make sure her body is straight. You can relieve stress and release pressure just by laying the person straight.
  4. Apply a drop of the oil on her hand to test for any allergies.
  5. Apply the oil to your hands, not directly to her skin.
  6. Rub everything everywhere carefully. Avoid over-pushing and aggressive pinching. Always use soothing, relaxing massage moves, never heavy or deep.
  7. Massage muscles, not bones (especially be careful with the spine, massage around it).
  8. Talk to her, ask her what she likes or doesn’t like. Read her body and listen. Communication and chemistry between you two will make your work a success.
  9. Don’t be shy! Women love massages, attention, and feeling special! Put the focus and feeling into what you are doing. It is extremely attractive and so much more important and powerful than any professional massage techniques.

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