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Staged and Authentic Ghost Tours

Looking for the ultimate Halloween getaway? HideAway Country Inn has it, including Mansfield Reformatory (aka Ohio State Reformatory), which is, hands-down, one of the spookiest places on earth. Visit the prison where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed or check out the walk-through haunted house attraction (Haunted Prison Experience) that’s only opened during Halloween. Keep in mind though, if you’re seeking a genuine ghost hunt, Mansfield Reformatory does offer an authentic ghost tour that takes place at during summer night and rarely disappoints visitors. In fact, the Mansfield area is called the Haunted Capital of Ohio because of a multitude of paranormal sites such as the Haunted Bissman Building, the Malabar Farm State Park, Renaissance Performing Arts Theater, Mansfield Fire Museum and Brownella Cottage. If you’re seeking the perfect Halloween getaway, or you simply want to enjoy ghost hunts any other time of the year, you’ve found a place to set up your ghost hunting basecamp – HideAway Country Inn.

Highlights & Features

  • Ohio State Reformatory Ghost Tours. See where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed or search for genuine paranormal activity.
  • Ohio State Reformatory Haunted Prison Experience. Visit the on-site fun house attraction with scary staged events (available only in early fall Halloween each year).
  • Explore nearby Mansfield. You’ll find an abundance of ghost tours at well-known locations such as the Haunted Bissman Building or Mansfield Fire Museum.
  • Check the spooky sites of Bucyrus. In addition to Mansfield, you can visit favorite ghost hunting spots around Crawford County such as Dead Man’s Hollow or the Banks of the Sandusky River.

Get your Halloween getaway started with speed passes to area haunted tours.

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