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Craft Beer Dinners – Get in on the Action

Whether or not you’re a craft beer aficionado, you’ve likely heard the ruckus about craft beer. In the past decade, craft beer has taken the country by storm, becoming wildly popular. So why not a Craft Beer Dinners

HideAway Country Inn is hosting monthly craft beer dinners to the delight of craft-beer enthusiasts and newbies alike, from September 2016 to April 2017. Learn more about the dinners and the origin of craft beer so you’re ready to enjoy the experience.

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Craft beer origins

Not to be confused with Budweiser or Coors, craft beer is manufactured by the small, independent brewer.

Here are the hallmarks of the craft-beer maker:

  • It’s small. These brewers make 6 million beer barrels (or less) every year. In total, the production accounts for 3 percent of the total sales in the U.S. annually.
  • It’s independent. To qualify as an independent operation, there cannot be an alcohol industry member that owns or controls 25 percent or more of the brewery.
  • It’s traditional. The flavors the brewer uses must come from traditional ingredients, but have an innovative flair at the same time.

Typically, a craft brewery prides itself on innovation, coming up with unique twists on beers and developing brand-new styles. Malted barley is generally the traditional ingredient of choice, along with new and interesting flavors.

Beer Dinners

Taking after the long-standing tradition of a wine dinner, craft beer dinners are built on the same premise. Each course in the meal is paired with a craft beer, strategically chosen to complement each other.


If you’ve been around the block before with craft beer dinners, you’re going to love what we have planned for you!

No matter if you’re a pro or you’ve never experienced a craft beer dinner before, contact the HideAway Country Inn today to reserve your spot.


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