Farm to Table Dining Options in Central Ohio

The farm to table dining movement isn’t new. About 100 years ago, everything your ancestors ate came from within about 50 mile radius – or less – of where they lived.

Today, even though the push to eat locally sourced food is making headway, not every restaurant makes it a priority to use food from local sources.

But HideAway Country Inn does.

Here’s a look at history of how we fell out of local eating, then found our way back, and the commitment HideAway has made to farm-to-table dining.

Processed what?

While your grandparents and their grandparents knew the value of fresh, local food, people began to favor processed food for its convenience. Local food sources vanished, too, as rural dwellers flocked to the cities.

Eventually, the high fat, sugar and sodium content of convenience foods led to health problems, and consumers began to recognize their poor taste quality, too.

While the farm-to-table movement initially began back in the 70s in a few select areas by a few individuals, ten years ago, the trend toward organic, natural foods picked up speed, spreading across the country.

Eating better

Turns out, eating a diet that’s locally sourced holds a number of benefits:

  • It tastes better. Locally sourced food is picked when it’s ripe, so the food can absorb all of the nutrients possible from its surroundings. That’s why farm-to-table food and meals taste better.
  • It’s healthier. Eating food that’s packed with nutrients is better for your health. Instead of consuming processed foods high in sugar and sodium, you’ll be eating a balanced diet chock full of the stuff you need to stave off disease.
  • It supports local communities, including local farmers.
  • It’s better for the environment. When food doesn’t have to travel so far, it means that companies are using less fuel to get food on your table. On average, standard food sources travel about 1,500 miles to reach the customer, while locally source food travels only 44 miles. In terms of using fuel and C02, standard food distribution consumers anywhere from 4 to 17 times more fuel, and 5 to 17 times more C02.

Get back to basics

At HideAway Country Inn, we’re helping you get back to basics. We want our patrons to enjoy simple foods that are as fresh as possible.

We’ve made a commitment to use local ingredients whenever possible in our 1938 Restaurant and Pub. It helps us create more nutritious, tastier meals for you to enjoy.

But we didn’t stop there. We also have our own garden, where we grow delectable fruits and vegetables that you’ll find in our salads, desserts and other dishes.

The next time you make a reservation for dinner and you’re looking for a great farm-to-table meal, call the HideAway Country Inn’s 1938 Restaurant and Pub. You can dine in our casual but elegant dining room or reserve our special dining room for two.


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