Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

Quite often people buy cookbooks with the hope of learning some easy cooking recipes. Too often though, those cookbooks just gather dust. One of the best ways to learn a new art is to do it hands-on. That’s why HideAway Country Inn offers cooking classes to bring out the chef in everyone. You can come in solo for cooking lessons or take some couples cooking classes. You can also learn to cook with your best friend or a roommate. Plus, when it comes to corporate retreats and team building cooking classes are a great choice to sharpen teamwork skills. The point is with our cooking school it isn’t just educational; it’s also extremely fun. So if you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find a baking class or cooking classes near me?”, now you know.  Call us at 419-562-3013 to sign up for our next casual or gourmet cooking classes.

Highlights & Features

  • Wake up your palate. When you introduce new dishes, it perks up your taste buds.
  • Get outside your comfort zone. If meals have become boring, try something delicious and exotic.
  • Learn how to create perfect dishes. Find out how to make meals and dishes that wow every partygoer who tries them.
  • Study cooking tips and tricks. Learn new techniques that chefs on TV use to make cooking look easy.
  • Have fun. One of the great things about cooking classes is that you can meet new people or simply enjoy the art of cooking with someone you love.

Sign up for our next cooking classes and impress people with your culinary skill!

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