Bridal Shower

By being a wedding venue for over the last 25 years, HideAway Country Inn understands that the days leading up to the BIG event are also important. This includes the bridal shower, or wedding shower as it’s also known. It’s a time when your friends and family gather to wish the couple, particularly the bride, good luck and pamper them with gifts they’ll need for married life. Whether it’s a gathering of all the friends and family or just an intimate girlfriend getaway, HideAway Country Inn will make your party eventful for all the right reasons.




Forgo renting a local party hall and instead have elegant Afternoon Bridal Tea at the Manor or Carriage House with your friends and family in our serene country setting. Scones, mini muffins, small sandwiches, light appetizers, tea and lemonade are served. Wine or Champagne can be added to this sophisticated package.


Not all showers have to be big family affairs with everyone giving you advice and awkward shower games. Why not enjoy an informal wedding shower – one where you and your friends enjoy great appetizers and a fun-filled signature cocktail making activity? Plan it for a weeknight or weekend and let us know your favorite flavors so our 1938 Pub’s mixologist can create a Special Cocktail for you and the gals to learn to make and drink. Plus, you’ll also have souvenir glasses you can take home.


Pick a package for your Bridal Shower or build a personalized itinerary by calling our Guest Service Specialist today at 419-562-3013!





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bridal shower, wedding shower, girlfriend getaway, wedding venue, party hall, HideAway Country Inn

bridal shower, wedding shower, girlfriend getaway, wedding venue, party hall, HideAway Country Inn

Bridal Shower | Wedding Shower | HideAway Country Inn of Bucyrus OH

Have a bridal shower unlike any other wedding shower at HideAway Country Inn in Bucyrus OH.


Celebrate as large or intimately as you like at HideAway Country Inn


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