You don’t have to head far from your HideAway Country Inn guest accommodations to get to a birding hotspot. Around Crawford County, there are birding areas galore for those of you who spend your free time with binoculars around your neck, walking stick in hand and a cap to provide shade the sun.

Use this as a guide to plan your birding getaway, and be sure to hit some of the best birding locations around:

Bucyrus Reservoir #2

This reservoir covers almost 40 acres, with an average depth of about 7 feet. It’s located 2 miles northeast of Bucyrus, and the combination of three other reservoirs in the area makes it a draw for birds.

Cobey Park

Located east of Galion, Cobey Park is a wetland area, with cattails and deciduous trees  –  the perfect attraction for birds of all kinds, but especially songbirds.

Crawford County Landfill

While access to this area is restricted, with some good binoculars, you can get a glimpse of wonderful wildlife that’s attracted to the area.

Daughmer Prairie

This region was once part of the Sandusky Plains that originally covered three counties in Ohio. While only 74 acres remain, Daughmer Prairie is one portion of it, replete with wondrous birds to get in your sights. Located just 8 miles from Bucyrus on the southwest side, Daughmer Prairie should definitely be on your list.

Fairview Cemetery, Galion

Located in Galion on Fairview Road, Fairview Cemetery is a hotspot for birding enthusiasts.

Heckert Nature Preserve

This preserve is made up of 43 acres in total, including upland forest, field habitats, and river bottom. It’s located in the Olentangy River halfway between Galion and Bucyrus. Butterflies and birds are drawn to the area, so get ready to see lots of different birds in the area in all seasons.

Lowe-Volk Park

This park features a variety of ecosystems, such as wetlands, wooded corridor and forests, attracting birds to the region.

New Washington Upground Reservoirs

This birding hotspot is a must-see destination, located in New Washington, Ohio, on the south side of the area.

Outhwaite Reservoir

Part of the Bucyrus Reservoir system, the Outhwaite Reservoir covers 150 acres and it reaches a depth of 27 feet. Head out to the area with your binoculars in hand to catch the birds in action.

Powers Reservoir

Head over to the boat ramp at the Powers Reservoir in Galion, Ohio to get a glimpse of the birds drawn to this rich region.

Riley Reservoir

Also one of the Bucyrus Reservoirs, this area is northeast of town, with a depth of 22 feet and covering 30 acres.

Robert Clark Neff Reservoir

Reservoir #1 in the Bucyrus system, Robert Clark Neff Reservoir is just 7 feet deep spanning 40 acres, attracting a variety of birds to the area.

Sears Woods State Nature Preserve

This nature preserve was named after Paul B. Sears, a well-known ecology professor at Yale University. The woodland is next to the Sandusky River and plays hosts to dense remains of forest that once covered the entire region. The mature forest attracts hikers, wildlife and lots of birds.

Unger Park

This 53-acre park consists of bottomland woods and restored prairie, with 3 miles of trail winding through the region. Along the trails and river, you’ll see various bird migrants.

Make your weekend birding trip one to remember. Book your stay at the HideAway Country Inn so you have a quiet, relaxing landing pad, and then head out each day to a few of these birding hotspots. They’re close by and offer a feast for your eyes!


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