6 Thanksgiving Meal Planning Tips

It’s the trifecta of the holidays: The perfect Thanksgiving meal, family and a winter wonderland. But planning the ideal Thanksgiving meal can put even the most experienced cooks to the test. Here are 6 Thanksgiving Meal Planning Tips that are bound to make this Thanksgiving more enjoyable!

With a little planning and some forethought, you can put meal stress behind you, and enjoy the meal  –  and the season  –  without sacrificing holiday traditions and cheer.

Here’s how to plan your Thanksgiving meal:

  • Work in advance. If you’re planning a salad to start off the meal, prep in advance. Heartier greens (not iceburg) will last longer. Instead of finding soggy lettuce, you’ll have a crisp salad ready to go. First, put some dressing at the bottom of the bowl. Then, place the lettuce and other ingredients that won’t soak up the liquid next. Put delicate ingredients at the top, like cucumbers and tomatoes. When it’s time to serve the salad, add the final touches, like croutons or shredded cheese.
  • Prep ingredients. Work ahead and cut up vegetables the day before the meal. Keep chopped onion, carrots, squash and the like in separate containers. When you’re preparing the dishes, simply pop open the lid and add the veggies! Keep in mind that your dish will cook faster if you chop the vegetables in small pieces.
  • Focus on flavorful dishes. Pick one or two vegetables and roast them  –  and easy way to prepare tasty side dishes. Then, whip up a flavorful sauce to top the vegetable.
  • Try a new take on meat. Instead of cooking a laborsome, time-consuming turkey, try something new! Smaller cornish hens are the perfect alternative. Bake one per guest (the hens are typically just the right size for one person), and wow your guests with this special dish.
  • Grill out. If you want to serve red meat, avoid roasting, which can take a long time. Instead, fire up the grill and serve steaks  –  a special alternative to the traditional roast.
  • Set the table. If you’re creating a fancy table for the holiday meal, plan in advance to cut down the stress and preparations on the day of the holiday. Get table decorations and place settings ready the week before. The night before the meal, get everything out and set the table. Get out all the chairs you need and choose which candles to light to set the mood.

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