Rehearsal Dinner

Your Practice Run Just Before the Big Day

Traditionally, the groom’s family hosted the rehearsal party, but today anyone can play the host, including the joyous couple themselves. Essentially anything that brings the two families together to celebrate the happy couple is acceptable today. And while you want a quality meal, you don’t want a dinner that upstages the wedding feast. It’s a delicate balance that not every wedding venue can pull off successfully. Best of all, is you can host your wedding anywhere and still have a fantastic rehearsal dinner at HideAway Country Inn.

The rehearsal dinner usually follows the practice run of the wedding rehearsal. Whether it’s at the outdoor venue at the pergola or a wedding at another location, the rehearsal is a time to celebrate the upcoming wedding in a relaxed atmosphere without the formality of the wedding day. Everyone arrives fresh and excited to start the wedding event, and since rehearsal dinners are almost always limited to the couple’s closest friends and family, the atmosphere is more personal and private than the wedding reception.

Rehearsal Dinners Are Designed For You To Thank Your Bridal Party

One of the favorite options for the rehearsal dinner is the HideAway Bistro. It’s a great space for a burger fest, picnic or relaxing get together in addition to a challenging game of corn hole. In fact, the HideAway Country Inn boasts of state sanctioned corn holed Turnham and area where you can play. It even lit for night games wherefore groups can play at once.

Keep in mind though, there is no rule that indicates the rehearsal event has to be a dinner—it could be a brunch or luncheon following a rehearsal scheduled earlier in the day. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are also available for your guests as they gather after practice at the church. In the end, you can be as formal or informal as you wish for the special dinner.

Additional Considerations

The Bride and Groom can be instrumental in arranging a time for everyone to talk about the rehearsal dinner plans, in person or over the phone. The hosting family will need to know:

  • The time and location of the wedding rehearsal
  • Places to host the dinner, preferably close to the wedding rehearsal and reception site
  • The style of the reception — colors, size and formality
  • Names and addresses or email addresses for the guest list

Build a personalized itinerary for your rehearsal dinner today

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