Elopement Packages in Ohio

All the romance of a destination wedding with none of the drama

All you need is love… and your sweetheart with your marriage license. HideAway Country Inn takes care of the rest – your witnesses, the pastor, the wedding venue and five beautiful areas to elope. It’s a romantic and spontaneous, intimate country wedding designed for you to enjoy. Plus, you’ll find there are other add-ons, like wedding photography packages, wedding cakes and couples massage, which you may not find with other wedding venues of this kind. Furthermore, if you schedule a Wednesday elopement you could save as much as 50% on your wedding.


Wednesday is a great day to celebrate wedded bliss. Save 50% or more over the weekend weddings rate with a mid-week wedding! Call your wedding planner here at HideAway Country Inn and ask about the special value priced Weddings on Wednesdays offer!

Call our wedding planners today about a customized wedding venue that includes elopement packages at 419-562-3013.