Cooper Jams and Jellys

Cooper Jams and Jellys

Visit Cooper's Mill – Jam and Jelly small  factory tour !

 45 years in the making from a simple family farm recipe to outstanding jams and jellys, is the history of Cooper's Mill and observe firsthand how delicious ripe fruits are cooked into our irresistible jams, jellies and apple butter, all simmered in hand hammered copper kettles from D. Picking Copper Manufacturing,  Bucyrus 140 year old copper smith.

Jams, Jelly’s and Apple Butter made with  all-natural ingredients contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or corn syrups. 

After the tour, be sure to visit our country market and gift shop where our complete line of products is available for purchase.

Free samples are provided for your enjoyment!  Great place to stop for that afternoon treat.

 Free Tours Monday through Friday

 9-11:30 a.m. and 1-3:30 p.m. to watch the operation in action.

Free Tours are available on Saturday, but we cannot guarantee the operations to be running.

Closed on Sunday.

Guest Specialist available to answer your questions and set up an itinerary for your visit. Just call us at 419-562-3013.