Any day, per availability / Available only to guests lodging at Hide Away Country Inn. Rose garden, Butterfly garden or Pugola subject to availability.


The Wine Snob is a wine appreciation class hosted by Owner and Intermediate Sommelier. In this wine tasting and appreciation class, you will benefit from our passion for wine that is evident in our award winning Wine Spectator climate controlled wine cellar!

You Will Learn

  • Aspects of wine tasting utilizing the University of U. C.Davis – Wine Aroma Wheel
  • How taste buds work
  • How to hold your wine glass to maximize your wine experience
  • Stress, anxiety and tension
  • How to develop your palate
  • How to select a great bottle of wine that will complement any appetizer, meal or dessert.

This class is not only will give you a new appreciation of wine and knowledge to impress your friends, you will also have fun!

Add the WINE SNOB CLASS to your overnight stay and start your weekend of wine and fun!

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