Spa Treatments

Massage heals the body, relaxes the mind, revitalizes the spirit and nurtures the heart.

Massage therapy is good for everyone, especially someone who needs help releasing the tension stored in his or her body. It can alleviate residual pain from old injuries as well as speed up recovery from recent damage. Massage therapy clears the mind and sooths the soul, allowing us to work through many emotional issues.

Relaxation Area – Enjoy herbal teas and neck wraps before your massage. Relax on a warm, comfortable zen chair in a peaceful, candle lit environment with soothing meditative music to calm you from head to toe. Definitely recommended for someone seeking stress reduction.


Therapeutic Individual Massage 1-hour — USD 90.00 Deep Tissue Massage 1-hour– USD 125.99

Indulge in a relaxing one-hour massage with one of our Licensed Massage Therapists and the tension will just melt away. Choose between the relaxing Therapeutic Individual Massage and the repairing Deep Tissue Massage


Complete Foot Massage — USD 125.99

Your treatment will begin with an aromatherapy and flower petal soak, relaxing your feet before your massage begins. Your feet and legs will then be re-energized with your choice of a salt or sugar massage. You will be ready to dance the night away!


Manicure and Massage — USD 80.00

The hands are exfoliated using Essential oils with a massage to leave you feeling refreshed and your hands feeling renewed. Then pick your perfect color, our technician will make your fingers and nails look amazing! A special gift is included in your treatment to take home.


Body Salt Glow Massage — USD 190.00

You are draped with a towel and only the part the therapist is working on is exposed. Starting on your stomach, the therapist rubs a salt scrub gently over your skin. The abrasiveness of the salt removes the dead skin cells. Turn over and the therapist exfoliates the other side. Once the treatment is over you will step into a hot shower and feel the salt and dead skin cells come away. Don’t use soap or shower gel because you want to keep the oil and aromatics on your skin. 90 minute treatment.


Hot Stone Massage ~ 90 minutes — USD 375.00

90 minute session with very warm, smooth stones of various sized designed to fit into the appropriate joints, toes and finger tips for the most relaxing points of your body. Great way to warm up during cooler weather. Super relaxing, don’t be surprised if you fall asleep during treatment.


Couples Massage — USD 225.00

Two Licensed Massage Therapists work in harmony for you and your partner to enjoy a full 60 minute relaxation massagesimultaneously. This is our most popular treatment!

** Add 2 dozen candles and extra 15 minutes to enjoy the effects of your massage – 75.00


Budget Couples Massage — USD 125.00

One of our Licensed Massage Therapists will spend a full half an hour on each of you, one after the other.


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes — USD 125.99

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes –Great for first time spa goers, take off ONLY your shoes and enjoy 30 minutes on your head – neck – and shoulders. Then the second 30 minutes concentrated on the knees, legs, and feet. You will be hooked on the benefits of relaxation massage.

” We have had massage at other places in Ohio, nothing has beat the quality of the massage ladies here, soooooo relaxing. We were personally escorted to the spa area with a soft water fountain bubbling and a beautiful fan. And best part we had time to r-e-l-a-x afterward.”

-Tracy and Matt, Chicago


To guarantee your appointment, please call us at 419-562-3013 at least three days prior to
your stay. We cannot provide your massage earlier than 5:00 p.m. on the day you check in.

(Don’t be late! We cannot guarantee your massage if you are are more than 15 minutes late.)