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Whether you’re looking for a day spa or an overnight spa in Ohio, HideAway Country Inn, is here. Plus, sometimes you’ll find specials for our massage area or nail spa… or sometimes there are specials for both services. Check out what’s available right now and schedule your appointment by calling 419-563-2900 or email us at

Mommy and Me Day at Hideaway Inn of Bucyrus Ohio

Mommy & Me Day at the Spa

Get a mini pedicure or mini manicure for mom and daughter under 12. Enjoy a tea and cookie party and be sure to bring your American Girl Doll, or your favorite doll / stuffed toy. You can relish a glass of champagne while your daughter enjoys her own glass of sparkling juice.  Come in for the day spa or an add-on to an overnight stay. It’s just 125 USD for the Mommy & Me Day at the Spa special. *

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Sunset Outdoor Massage at Hideaway Inn of Bucyrus Ohio

Sunset Outdoor Massage

Why wait until you can go to Bali for an exotic outdoor massage? Enjoy the beautiful sunset, with the birds serenading you and the relaxing sounds of a babbling brook while draped in a pristine white pergola. It’s only 250 USD for couples or 135 USD for single massage. *

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Girlfriend Getaway at Hideaway Inn of Bucyrus Ohio

Girlfriend Getaway

Up to 10 ladies at once can enjoy Asian pedicures at our nail spa. Hot stone in essence water with fresh flower petals is designed to relax and soften your toes and feet. Then a pedicure and pedi massage combined ensures an unforgettable experience that’s perfect for any occasion. Special spa beverages are provided during your treatment as well as snacks. It’s only 89 USD per person *

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* Prices include service; please add 20% gratuity and sales tax for each service.

Christmas Eve Dinner at the Hideaway Country Inn logo, Bucyrus, Ohio

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