Plan A Date To Propose

Debbie Miller June 26, 2015

St. Valentine’s and Christmas are days that engagements are expected. While there’s nothing wrong with those days, why not create a surprise so your engagement is truly a special day…. Perhaps pick the first day you meet? Maybe your first kiss? Or just a simple Tuesday evening because you don’t want to wait another minute? It’s your choice. Whatever you decide, talk to us at HideAway Country Inn for suggestions to make your proposal ultra-special…and irresistible.

Select a Setting That’s Perfect

Debbie Miller June 25, 2015

Experience a truly unique and romantic place you both can enjoy. Surprise your betrothed with a proposal they’ll always remember – from your arrival until you’re in each other’s arms with a wedding to plan. Take time to celebrate what made you fall head over heels in love.