Wedding Recovery Package

Wedding Recovery Package

Thank you Mom and Dad - what a great way to thank your parents for all the great wedding memories and their hard work and we'll spent money on your wedding. Treat them to a special honeymoon getaway package of their own. Remember...

Mom  You….

Cried when I moved out on my own..

Mom You….

Cried when I graduated

Mom You….

Cried when I walk down the aisle

Dad....You were There…

 when... I took my first step

when... I got my first zit

when... I had my first big success

when... I failed and did not make the team

when.... I took my drivers test

when.... I had my first date

Mom and Dad --- I have not said it enough…. Thank You

I appreciate you Mom and Dad  Thank you!


So Mom enjoy this on me…

Foot massage – starts with Rose petals in warm water soak and continues with a massage for 1 full hour

Fruit n cheese plate

Bottle of Champagne


Dad this ones on me.....