Picking Copper Kettles

Picking Copper Kettles

D. Picking Company a Bucyrus Historic Treasure

Picking Coppersmith is the only hand hammered copper kettle craftsman remaining in the United States.

Founded in 1874, this is the last of the Old Copper Shops still making its original product - Apper butter Kettles - by hand.

In this shop, the original patterns are in use and work is being done on the original tree stump work benches.

Experienced copper-smiths are at work as the blacksmith shapes the handles at the old forge.

The company produces apple butter kettles, candy and caramel corn kettles, and tympani.

Its decorative line includes an assortment of flat bottom kettles, skillets, wastebaskets, coal hods and shovels, preserve kettles, ladles, skimmers and scoops. The copper shop is still operating in the original building erected in 1873.


Step Inside to see the D. Picking Copper Kettle Company  as it is today. Yes the video is a few years old but the business has not changed in its 140 year history. Enjoy !


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