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Love Hot-Air Ballooning? Create a Wedding and Honeymoon that will Soar Above Your Imagination!

Summer, with its warm sunshine, light breezes, and hot air balloon festivals, seems a grand time to host a wedding in even grander style by surrounding your day in the whimsical, dreamy theme of soaring the skies in hot air balloons!Is there a better way to start a new life with your love than imagi Read More...

10 Wedding Superstitions, Traditions, and Facts: What are Yours?

It’s tradition of course, but ever wonder the true origin of why a bride should wear “something borrowed” and “something blue?” Or why the bride is carried over the threshold or wears a veil?There are hundreds of wedding superstitions and traditions that have origins wa Read More...

Ten Top Wedding Dress Trends for Fall/Winter 2014, from the Fashion Week Runway

Fall and Winter 2014 Fashion Week showcased some hot new trends and styles in the world of bridal for this year and next. Top names like Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang, Jenny Packham, and Oscar de la Renta all featured their new takes on the Fall and Winter wedding gowns which are full of new cuts, emb Read More...

5 Ways to Keep Wedding Stress Under Control!

Weddings are a time for joy and happiness, as two people come together as one to celebrate the decision to live life together! However, it also can be a time of great stress with a mile-long to-do list and all the family involvement or last minute hiccups.Here are 5 ways to keep wedding stress under Read More...

Five Things to Consider about Weather When Hosting a Winter Wedding

So, you are dreaming about a winter wonderland wedding? Winter weddings are very lovely, especially around the holidays with the beautiful snow sparkling on all the natural scenery and the array of colorful, festive décor that surrounds the season. But what are some of the extra things you sh Read More...

Tips for Writing the Best Wedding Toast Possible for a Special Wedding Day

Have you even been to a wedding where the person giving the toast to the wedding couple stumbles around, sweats with anxiety, or has had too much to drink and slurs their speech?If you are giving a wedding toast this year, you’ll want to make it a much more memorable ordeal for the happy coupl Read More...

Five Ideas to Clean Your Prized Diamond Engagement or Wedding Ring

Your wedding is an important time, but nothing before or afterwards needs more attention to detail than keeping your ring in pristine state for the future. At first everyone will ask to see it, gushing over its beauty, and you’ll want it to sparkle just as your cheeks are with happiness, and l Read More...