That’s on Target

Debbie Miller August 10, 2015

Focusing on actual targets can help your team when it comes to focusing on your business goals. Check out some of the options that can move your business forward and perhaps even help you with implementing new ideas.

A.Clay Pigeons – Sporting and trap. Bring your own equipment and go at your own pace with no instructors

B.Up your Chances – Choice of sporting clays or trap shooting with an instructor

C.Guided Half-day or Full-day Pheasant Hunts – With and without you own equipment

D.Hunt ‘em, Bag ‘em, Cook ‘em – After a basic gun safety course that’s required prior to the hunt (ask for details), you can enjoy a true hunting experience when you get to meet the owners of the pheasant farm. Learn how they raise over 800,000 birds and train the dogs for hunting. Enjoy the stories from your seasoned guides and then bring your prize hunt to the inn. You’ll learn different recipes to prepare your fresh bird and take part in a team-centered cooking experience with our seasoned professional chef. It all ends with a fantastic dinner and a hunting trip you’ll remember for years.


Hole in One

Debbie Miller

Are you looking for a way to invigorate new ideas and increase worker productivity? One excellent way is by working together in teams via sporting activities. Golf is one sport that nearly everyone can play and makes a great way to communicate and work together. You can experience…

A.Golf Pro Coaching – Half-day or Full-day – Either at the driving range or on course

B.Pick 9 Holes of Golf of your Choice – Choose from 7 different courses

C.Play 18 or 36 Rounds – Enjoy private instruction during a round of golf on the course


Understanding the Food Chain

Debbie Miller

Learning about the fuel our bodies use not only makes your team healthier, it can be fun too. It’s an ideal way for team members to learn something new and perhaps even inspire them. A few options for your experience include…

A.Team in the Kitchen – Using the team concept, prepare one of 5 meals using different local food concepts

B.Healthy Cooking with Herbs Class – Take health and wellness to a new level by learning about herbs that can improve your health

C.Not Ole McDonald had a Farm: Farm Professionals Experience – Visit and chat with actual farmers to inspire dialogue. See the actual new usage and implementation of the concepts in a hands-on experience. Visit a Pheasant Farm (Top F1 Bird producer in Ohio), a Dairy Farm (3,000 cows plus milked 3 times per day) or a Pig Farm (largest independent, single-family pig farm east of the Mississippi). There’s also a high production farm experience available where you can see how they apply today’s high technology while you share ideas for your industry

D.Organic Farm vs High Production Farms: What is the difference? – Explore how GMO’s affect all of us and learn about the responsibility of organic farming