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Girlfriend Getaway at Hideaway Inn of Bucyrus Ohio

Bestie Getting Married / Bachelorette Party

A Special Birthday (29th, 40th or 50th)

Ladies Only Getaway

Spa Treatments for two to ten women!

The Group Spa Treatment is a true hit! Each special lady receives her choice of mimosa, Bellini or non-alcoholic sparkling juice, a spa lunch and as much laughter and fun your group can muster during your manicure / pedicure treatment. Enjoy the fun for just 95 USD per person.*
  • Comply chairs
  • Asian foot baths
  • Hand soaks with hot stones
  • Oil of essence
  • Fresh flowers
  • Sparkling juice or wine

Customized Private Spa Treatments

Just because you came as a group, does not mean you have to all have the same treatments. Here is a short list of treatments the Girlfriend Getaway offers with prices varying based on the spa treatments selected
  • Full Body massage
  • Hot Stone massage
  • Head, Shoulder Knees and Toes massage
  • Body scrubs
  • Body wraps
  • Facials
  • Manicures
  • Pedicures

MORE IS LESS! Each lady in your Girlfriend Getaway chooses the Spa treatment(s) that she would like.

When you each pick one treatment you receive $5 off that treatment, if you each choose two treatments you receive $10 off each treatment.

* Prices include service; please add 20% gratuity and sales tax for each service.

Explore lodging, dining and activity options for Girlfriend Getaway at the HideAway Country Inn.

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