Meet Hideaway's Chef!

Meet Hideaway's Chef!

Meet Restaurant 1938's Fine Dining Chef, Josh Hartman!

Chef Josh was a prefect fit with Restaurant 1938's mission to bring fresh, quality ingredients from around Ohio to the forefront of the culinary experience.

Chef Josh graduated from the Orlando Culinary Academy's Le Cordon Bleu College in 2005.

His culinary journey started with chain restaurants where he was able to work on his technique and speed. In order to develop himself as a true Chef, Josh started working for small country clubs where he could experiment and come up with his own cooking philosophy.

This philosophy of "Love your food and your food will love you back" paired so well with what was already in place at Hideaway Country Inn that the collaboration seemed perfect!

Chef Josh has revamped the kitchen and brought in artisan breads and cheeses from around Ohio and searched out the freshest of local ingredients.

Taking that revamping a step further,

Chef Josh has completely re-branded the Restaurant at Hideaway Country Inn to turn it into the New 1938 Restaurant and Pub!

His passion for food and bringing a true epicurean experience to Mid Ohio has made Chef Josh a very loved and welcome addition to Hideaway Country Inn's team.

We are so excited for the Cooking Classes, Special Events, and New Menus that Chef Josh will be developing here!

Call us at 419-562-5942 to schedule a reservation today and enjoy the culinary talents of Chef Josh at 1938 Restaurant and Pub.