Chocolate Lovers Romantic Getaway Package

Are you looking for a little time away with that someone special in your life? Do you both love chocolate? Then check out the Chocolate Lovers Romantic Getaway package. This package includes two chocolate scented FIZZMOS for your Jacuzzi, EAT CHOCOLATE NAKED fondue with melted chocolate, dipping treats and two mini paintbrushes for your creative enjoyment, assorted DIPPED CHOCOLATES, a relaxing one hour COUPLES MASSAGE in the Hideaway Inn’s Spa with chocolate scented massage oil, a PICNIC BASKET delivered to your suite the first night of your stay, and a 5 COURSE CANDLELIGHT DINNER at the 1938 Restaurant on the last night of your stay! Of course there will be Chocolate for Dessert.

Why is Chocolate so Romantic?

According to Amono, the maker of artisan chocolate, “There are so many reasons why chocolate makes people happy that it’s difficult to know where to start, but let’s begin with the simpler explanations. Think about the last time you ate a piece of chocolate. Did it make you happy? The chances are that it did. Chocolate makes people happy because it tastes good and provides a moment’s respite from busy, and often stressed-out, lives. For some, chocolate is a guilty pleasure, and we are firm believers in the old adage that forbidden fruit is always the most satisfying. Just seeing chocolate, or inhaling its wonderful aroma, has quickened the beat of many a chocolate-lover’s heart.

But the true explanation for why chocolate makes people happy is chemical in nature. There are over 300 naturally-occurring chemicals in chocolate, and some of them can affect the human brain via the release of particular neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are exactly what they sound like; they send signals back and forth between neurons. Certain neurotransmitters can be responsible for your emotions and the way you feel.” Feel happy and be romantic!

So what could be a better mode enhancer than the Chocolate Lovers Romantic Getaway package at the Hideaway Inn!