Think Tank

Definition is for business, institutions, that affect policy and change for the betterment of policy in business, and social climate. You can tap into the power of creative uninterrupted thinking to move your business, fraternal organization, or social club to set new policies, strategic plans, and growth.

Meeting space designed for you – a place where your business can escape to think, create, develop innovative business plans, strategize, and plan new products.

Ideally made for inspired – creative – game changing – strategic planning to move your business forward. The Pines is ideal to inspire the creative genius. Doors open to patio with high ceilings, furniture with movement action,Games, toys, fun items to help inspire you. Includes Flip charts, colorful markers,too. Stereo with inspirational music. Easily climate controlled for your comfort.

HideAway Country Inn, B&B, a full service top quality small site.