Sun Burst

Keeping your Board members in mind with convenient travel time? If your Board is made up of members from all over the state. less than a 2 hour drive time will conveniently locate your meeting taking each member’s drive time and ease of location the Perfect venue for your Next Board of Directors meeting that is away from your company headquarters.

Ideal for Board Retreats at a single conference table. Each Available area is specifically designed for the ideal size of your Officers and Staff. Fully stocked with amenities that are of the quality your executives expect.

  • Meal service during or before or after your meeting.
  • Appropriate for small team, work group and committee meetings.
  • Ideal for small breakout
  • Study groups that require a lot of group interaction, discussion and/or note taking.
  • Participants are seated at standard rectangular (single or back to back) or round tables (60″, 66”, or 72″ in diameter).
  • Seating may be 6, 8, or 10 participants per table, depending on room and/or table size.
  • Depending on the needs of the session, groups can be organized as cross-functional or as departmental or they can be established dynamically, as needed.
  • Used where the facilitator defines sub-group work sessions or group problem solving sessions.
  • Co-facilitators are recommended if a larger numbers of participants is anticipated.
  • Woodland Conference Room ( dimensions)