Block O

Ohio Premier Meeting venue and of course the Block O is ideal for your best interaction meetings.

Created to maximize participation from each attendee in your meeting. Great for committee, action groups, and Board meetings. We suggest not to use when presentations are in intergal part of your meeting for maximum results. 
Woodland Conference Room (dimensions)

The Block O or Hollow Square style setup, four or more tables arranged in a square, rectangle or the traditional Block O, in which the middle of the design is empty. A closed ‘U’design. Participants sit on three (or all) sides of the setup, but there is an emphasis and focus on a power figure at the head.

What are the advantages of a Block 0 Design:

  • Each participant has the same amount of space.
  • Easily see one another
  • Each Participant has writing surface.
  • Setup is critical as far as participation is concerned.
  • The Block O is best for groups under 30 people for maximum participation.
  • This design is good for larger committee or board meetings of 17 to 30 people.
  • Avoid long, straight sections of tables over 12 feet long.