Ideas and Tips for Writing Second Vows for Anniversary Vow Renewals


July 23, 2014

Ideas and Tips for Writing Second Vows for Anniversary Vow Renewals

Have you been married for 10, 20, or even 30 years? Is it time to re-commit or re-connect to each other with a vow renewal? These can be a lovely way to start the next 20 years of your life together-- maybe your kids are now grown or you want to celebrate a change such a new home or location to begin that second stage?

Vow renewals are a popular way to bring romance to the forefront of a relationship, to celebrate accomplishments, and to make a marriage stronger and valuable.

You may have written vows to each other that you read 20 years ago on your wedding day, but you’ll want to write vows to each other now in order to showcase what you’ve experienced together over time. A wonderful way to link the vow ceremony to your first wedding day is to bring in part of your former vows as an affirmation of your promise.

What else should you write then to each other? Here are a few ideas and tips:

*Be sure to start out your vows with an endearing name of love, either “my love,” “my heart,” or even a pet name you might have for one another (if it’s not too embarrassing!). You’ll want to be able to say something while looking into your partner’s eyes that will make them blush in anticipation.

*Decide with each other how long they should be, such as 3-5 sentences, so you each have equal time. You can write the vows together and practice them, or you can opt to do it separately, but provide each other with a structure so that both of your needs are met.

*Think about songs, poetry, scripture, or quotes that inspire you both or inspire you about your partner. Use part or all of some of the lines in your vows to show your feelings. Use all the materials you gather to inspire your vows.

*Write as if you are writing a love letter to your spouse. Tell him/her how much they mean to you in your life, why you love them, why you admire them, what you’ve learned from them.

*Share any challenges you’ve overcome together or what accomplishments you’ve garnered together, such as how many kids you’ve raised, or how many times you’ve moved for career or personal growth.

*Think about the joys and the hardships in life that you’ve had and how that other person made it more fun to share in or made it easier to deal with. Share how you’ve made each other feel through the ebbs and flows of life.

*Share your hopes and dreams for the future with your partner. You’ve talked about where you’ve been now talk about where you want to go in your lives together and with each other.

*Be sure to share words of encouragement, love, gratitude, devotion, and endearment to your spouse.

HideAway Inn Vow Renewals

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