5 Wedding Trends in 2014: Earth, Vintage, and Hollywood Golden Glam


July 18, 2014

5 Wedding Trends in 2014: Earth, Vintage, and Hollywood Golden Glam

One thing they say is constant is change. In Ohio, the change of the seasons is constant, as is so with the yearly and seasonal trends for things such as weddings. Though rustic chic has been popular, more brides and grooms are taking it more natural with either muted colors and environmental, earthy appeals for a woodland wedding mixed with vintage, or they are embracing the glamorous style of metallic and The Great Gatsby. Either of these can mix well with a Fall wedding atmosphere or be adapted for a winter wedding if you haven't gotten all your planning done yet.

Here are FIVE wedding trends to consider:

Pants! Can you believe it? One of the new trends starting in some places is some brides wearing pants. Wear them if you want to stand out and be different, or wear them if you just hate the thought of wearing a dress all day. Either way, it’s your choice now! Who says women HAVE to wear a dress (besides your mother-in-law, of course)?

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Gold! The classy and metallic color scheme isn’t going out of style anytime soon. Try flecks of gold in your dress, gold bridesmaid dresses or shoes, and incorporate into your decorations. In fact, entire wedding dresses of gold or silver (and even pink) are making the list. Think Hollywood Glam circa 1920s in all its luxury appeal.

Modern! Though for some outdoor or country weddings rustic might stay in for awhile, many think that the mason jars are going out of style. Think vintage or nature instead. Brides will opt for more of the vintage glass, especially in colors like blue or green and table décor featuring rocks, old world books, and antique glass. “In 2014, you’ll see continued romantic muted colors like blush, sage and white, but with more of a modern edge coming through. We’ll see less rustic, less mason jars, and more white ceramic or hobnail glass. Blue glass will also be very popular.” – Carly Cylinder, owner of Flour LA (The Plunge Project)

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Intimate Weddings! More people will choose to get married in smaller, more intimate settings with fewer guests. Many may elope and have a party later. People want to interact and share their personal moment with only very important guests and be able to splurge on details.

Family Heirlooms! Part of the vintage trend (and to fulfill a need for people to connect with family) using jewelry and pins from a grandmother’s box in bridal bouquets or featuring table décor that’s been passed down for decades at the reception will create a special day for the wedding couple.

At HideAway Inn we are excited to hear about your upcoming wedding plans. Call our wedding planners and reservation specialists today at (800) 570-8233 to set your day into motion. We are happy to offer many various wedding packages, from the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon!

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