Is the White Wedding Dress Still a Traditional Must?


July 10, 2014

Is the White Wedding Dress Still a Traditional Must?

It seems almost taboo today to not wear anything other than a white wedding dress. Of course, many of our families just think it’s because it’s a sign of purity. However, decades ago, brides wore the best thing they had in their closet and it could have been any color, including black. In Eastern Europe, red was the popular color! Those concerned with reputation actually wore pale blue most often as blue is a sign of purity, as well as faithfulness and eternal love.

However, overall what concerned the families most of all at first was the appearance of wealth, not the color, which they could achieve by adorning the bride with fur, velvet, and draping on the jewels.        

It wasn't until Queen Victoria wore white lace for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840, that brides in the elite of the Victorian Era chose to also wear white, spreading the tradition in Europe and America. For the upper class, wearing white was a status symbol as it indicated the bride’s family was so wealthy that it didn’t matter that white could be ruined easily (as laundering was a much more ardent task than now!).

Queen Victoria on her wedding day

In Edwardian times, when World War I broke out, Coco Chanel blazed the fashion scene and offered her white knee-length bridal gown with an extraordinary train. It became quite popular and surged the use of white dresses even more.

Surprisingly, middle class European and American brides didn’t adopt the white wedding dress until after WWII and yet they might also wear them again for practicality. It wasn’t until after the 20th Century that the tradition of only wearing it once came into practice and etiquette books declared the white gown a tradition and an example of innocence.

Now, in a much more recent tradition than what most of us have thought, many people choose to follow the old rhyme, “Married in white, you will have chosen alright.” However, white no longer has to symbolize wealth or virginity. White is an available color of dress for everyone as it makes the bride a vocal point of the day. The bride can show her personality with various cuts, styles, or adornments.

A beautiful gown in light pink!

For brides wishing to create their own traditions, but not create too much a rustle, the colors of beige, pink, blush, and champagne, or back to the pale blue, are also beautiful dress colors. Even today, Chanel is always in style and shorter wedding dresses are perfect for summer outdoor weddings.

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 Both modern wedding dress photos from: Merle Shop Blog

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