Colorful Paper Lanterns Can Create a Warm, Vibrant, and Romantic Outdoor Wedding


June 6, 2014

Colorful Paper Lanterns Can Create a Warm, Vibrant, and Romantic Outdoor Wedding

For a more modern and vibrant wedding look, have you considered using paper lanterns? We aren’t just talking about hanging them from the ceiling of your tent (which of course, would look magnificent too), but in a myriad of other ways to complete their day’s décor.

You can use them to create a casual style outdoors, bringing a rustic backyard feel or an elegant warmth, depending on the colors you use and how you hang them. A versatile option, they can offer an expensive alternative to flowers.

For a daytime wedding, choosing vibrant colors of lanterns such as fuschia, yellow, or tangerine and there is no need to light them. You can use them to line the sides of your chair rows outdoors instead of flowers and on your tables instead of a flower arrangement.

For an evening wedding outdoors, lighting them can make your ambiance look stunningly gorgeous and classy. Choose an option that will allow you to string them and hang from tree to tree, hang in various lengths and sizes from the top of a tent, or string them along the walkways. You can use strings of Christmas lights to hang the lanterns on as well to create an even more romantic escape.

Choose colors in which they will glow to create an elegant atmosphere. You can choose solid colors or purchase lanterns with prints, such as floral to accompany your theme, or use some of each! You can also buy in various shapes to jazz up your decorations.

You can even make your own various types of paper lanterns and attach die-cut patterns to match your theme. We like the idea of bringing generations of history and family together by using photos. If that doesn’t work for you, choose photos of the both of you from your time spent together on special dates, trips, etc. Here is a great idea from  e-how on how to make these:

Share personal photos with your guests at your wedding and reception by creating lanterns that will flicker behind a black and white image, like an old silent movie. Print your photos as black and white images using a printer that will accept vellum.

Take care when printing to allow the image to dry completely before handling, and don't allow the pictures to sit on top of one another while printing to avoid smudging. Place the photos in a hinged frame that has three sections, attaching them without using the back of the frame.

A votive candle is placed in the middle with the frame surrounding it, creating a triangular prism shape. The light will make the image stand out, especially if you choose images with clear details and high contrast of light and dark.

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Lanterns on chair photo (and they have other great ideas and visuals) from United with Love.

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