Summer Fashion Trends and Choices to Wear to an Early to Mid-Summer Wedding!


May 29, 2014

Summer Fashion Trends and Choices to Wear to an Early to Mid-Summer Wedding!

Color is a myriad of goodness to the eye and can offer immediate impressions and lasting memories if the colors are done correctly (and if they are done wrong, but that isn’t the mark you really want). The early bright pastel hues of spring almost didn’t get their due this year in Ohio, as winter took over spring and then summer took over so we are into wearing earthy and bright hues for events that look stunning in photos.

If you need to purchase attire for an early or mid-summer wedding, you know you’ll want to stay cool. If you feel you can pull it off, you can go for a long, light sun dress or an above the knee look with either a straight skirt or a flouncy one, depending on your material. The former is cool and lovely for an afternoon or beach wedding and a cocktail dress is appropriate for evening. Also, determine your style based on wedding theme and style, as well as if it is inside or outside.

Choose cheery colors or a flowery or modern print. Chevron is a trend this year for prints, as well as flower prints are also back from the 80s. Also getting positive fashion nods this year are draped Grecian inspired dresses in multiple colors. These look classic, beautiful, yet are light and cool. You’ll feel like a goddess. Just don’t wear white or a gown that outshines the bride!

Check out this cool summer wedding attire suggestion from She incorporates hot prints for mid-summer that include the ever popular feather and southwest style that is hot right now in fashion.


(clockwise from top left: Akiko silk dress; $177, Misha pink opal necklace; $349, Deepa Gurnani headband, MM Couture chiffon dress; $86, Big Buddha clutch; $43, C.Weitzman cuff; $164, Blue topaz ring; $282)

At HideAway Country Inn, we specialize in how to do summer outdoor weddings and offer couples five outdoor locations to choose from with our wedding packages. They might have a butterfly garden or flower garden wedding or say their vows under the pergola with a forested landscape behind them. Whatever they choose, you’ll feel hip and comfortable in the right style of summer dress and sandals to have fun celebrating their day.

If you, or a friend, are planning your own wedding, check out our wedding services via our website or call our specialists today at (800) 570-8233 for more information or to make reservations. Check out our wedding blog for more wedding ideas.

First photo/Pink Dress: Grecian-Inspired Dress, $59,; Credit, GLAMOR magazine

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