Modern Outlook Ideas for Mothers-of-the-Bride Wedding Fashion and Accessories


May 10, 2014

Modern Outlook Ideas for Mothers-of-the-Bride Wedding Fashion and Accessories

Mother-of-the-bride is one of the most distinguished positions you can hold! Traditionally, the mother of the gorgeous lady tying the knot should be revered and even have her outfit chosen prior to the mother-of-the groom! In more modern times, often the entire family works together to come up with a beautiful wedding day and many families are blended. No doubt the mother-of-the-bride is still celebrating the biggest day however, as she has nurtured her baby and prepared her for this day when she flies from the nest.

Mothers-of-the-bride should, however, keep in mind that it is their daughter’s big day. We’ve seen enough upstaging on reality shows like Real Housewives to last a lifetime so don’t be one of those moms who need to take all the limelight. Do think about the wedding theme though, as far as colors and material, and listen to your daughter’s opinion and wishes. As well, consider what fits you well, but also think about the weather and what can withstand a long day. And make sure your shoes look nice, but are comfortable!

If you don’t want to spend hours going from mall to mall to find a dress suitable to wear that matches expectations, weather, comfort, and theme, then consider having the maker of the bridesmaid dresses make a mother-of-the-bride outfit (in addition consider for the groom’s mom as well) that complements the bridal party. This will mean less fuss and you’ll know something is being made that matches and fits you nicely!

You don’t have to wear a floral corsage pinned to your dress anymore either and gone are the days of hats being mandatory. You can dress up in sparkling jewelry that adheres to the style and theme and sweep your hair into a modern style. You can carry your own small bouquet of flowers or wear a floral vintage broach or necklace instead. If you decide on a strapless or small strap dress for a summer wedding, but still want a corsage, you can wear a beautiful wrist display.

If you are a mom who doesn’t like a lot of adornment, consider having made or purchasing a dress that has ruffles or embroidery. You can make a statement in the gown and wear a beautiful pair of earrings and dashing shoes.

There are many new styles in fashion today for mothers-of-the-bride that can adhere to almost any preference, age, body type, and personal style. Not only will the bride and her bridesmaids shine, but you can also in honor of your daughter’s wedding day. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime day after all!

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