The Perfect Proposal in 3 easy steps

December 1, 2013

The Perfect Proposal in 3 easy steps

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but what about planning the proposal? HideAway Inn has what we call, “The Perfect Proposal” and has an on-site event planner that will make sure your evening is perfect from beginning to end. How? We plan the ultimate romantic dining experience and romantic getaway package that guarantees she’ll say yes!

Instead of proposing at “your first date” or taking her to a typical crowded restaurant, wow her with an evening at HideAway where we can make sure your special evening is captured and goes as planned. Follow our three step plan for the ultimate dining proposal:

1) Romantic Private Dinner
Our private candle lit dinner is a win-win. You will enjoy two hours in a candle filled, wood burning fireplace. List to soft music while enjoying a slow, five course dinner prepared by our Award Winning Chef.

2) Speech Preparation
No idea what to say?  Our event planner will help you plan what to say and the timing of when to say it due to your preference. Thinking of proposing before dinner? We can hide the ring and present it on a silver platter! Let us help with some creative twists.

3) Capturing the Moment
This is a moment you’ll want to capture forever; and you can. HideAway offers a variety of options from hiring a professional photographer to having our event planner snap a picture to hiding a video camera on the bookshelf. You name it and we can make sure it happens!

To book your Perfect Dining Wedding Proposal today call HideAway at 1-800-570-8233.

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