3 Steps to Wedding Gift Shopping


July 22, 2013

3 Steps to Wedding Gift Shopping

Anxiety setting in, heart pounding, starting to sweat….it’scalled wedding gift shopping. I realized I only had one week left to my buybest friend’s wedding gift who was to be married at HideAway Country Inn.Having had zero prior wedding gift experience, I had an array of questions.What’s considered an appropriate amount? Should the maid of honor buy somethingextra special? Should I simply buy something off the registry or personalize mygift? Don’t become the victim of this gift buying drama with these three simpletips below.


1)     What to Buy???

Most people stick to two options: somethingfrom the couple’s registry or cash. While cash use to be frowned upon asthoughtless, many couples are requesting cash to spend as they wish. If youwant to include something thoughtful but still from the registry, many couplesare listing their honeymoon requests where you can pick adventures such ascouples massage, coffee tours, horseback riding and more.


2)     Show me the Money!

The big question: how much should I spend?There is no one basic answer to this question. If you are closer to the couple,you generally will spend a little extra. If it’s a destination wedding and youhad to spend significant funds on traveling, you should spend much, ifanything, at all. However, if you really just need a guide $50-$100 istypically in the norm.



3)     If you’re the Maid of Honor

Because the maid of honor is typically theone coordinating and planning the bachelorette party and sometimes the shower,they aren’t subject to pay anything more than anyone else. You may want to givea personalized gift along with something from the registry. This can be assimple as a hand written card and framed picture of you and the bride-to-be.


Weddings are quickly filling up for 2014season at HideAway Inn. For more information visit us here: /weddings.


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