Five Ways to Celebrate Mom for Mother's Day: Including Spa Getaway, Brunch, and Champagne


March 18, 2014

Five Ways to Celebrate Mom for Mother's Day: Including Spa Getaway, Brunch, and Champagne

Your mom, or a mother figure in your life, is a woman who is always there for you. She’s sacrificed for you, dried your tears, offered you support, and loved you through all the ups and downs. Perhaps she’s taught you the value of hard work and being a career woman, spent years doing your laundry and making sure you were fed, and maybe even now she watches your children. For some, a mother is an indispensable human being whether she is always there for you, or maybe she’s been through a rough time herself lately. No matter the case, on Mother’s Day she deserves to be spoiled!

Five ways to celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day—


Lovely brunch at a high-class restaurant or her favorite restaurant always is a special way to appreciate a mom who is always in the kitchen. Or, prepare her a 5-course lunch or dinner that you create from scratch to show her how much you care. If you have more time to spend, and you haven’t learned yet the art of cooking her way, clear your calendar and spend the day learning how to cook all those recipes that are dear to your heart or take a cooking class together.


Take a yoga class or session with your mom! Treat her to a day of Zen that will revitalize her energy and create balance in her soul. This is a quiet and peaceful activity that will allow you to bond as well as feel healthy. Afterward, you can take her to a juice bar or out for smoothies.

Throw a Party

If you have brothers and sisters, and she has lots of grandchildren, throw her a backyard barbeque on a sunny afternoon. With the flowers blooming, an array of food prepared by all her children, and her grandchildren running around playing games, any mom is sure to feel as if she’s done her job of being mom just right. Pull out the old photo albums and peruse them together as she tells stories of all the crazy things you did as a kid to YOUR children. Laughter and bonding time is bound to happen and you’ll make even more memories for future photo albums!

Plan a Getaway Adventure

You can send her on a trip or take her on a mother and daughter weekend getaway. Tour a winery or attend a wine tasting or a champagne tasting. Take her antique shopping or on a shopping extravaganza if she is more into fashion. Choose an activity that fits your mom’s personality and style and she’s sure to be enthusiastic.

Spa Package

Relax and unwind by spending a weekend or overnight getaway, or even take a day trip, to a spa. Enjoy spa treatments like hot stone massage, facials, therapeutic massage, pedicures or manicures. Rejuvenate and refresh with your mom and allow her to unwind. If you can’t attend, send her for the pampering she deserves. Whether that is a day or night without the children, or as a thank you for all the years she raised you, purchasing a day at the spa for her will win you big points. What a great way to tell all moms “thank you!”

How HideAway Inn Can Help!

At HideAway Country Inn, an extensive bed and breakfast located in Central Ohio on 22-acres of quiet, quaint woodlands and vast open space, we can assist you by offering getaway adventures, wine tastings, champagne evenings, and spa packages!

We can even help with fresh-cut flowers and a beautiful brunch or dinner. We offer a decadent Mother's Day Brunch and Tea on May 11, 2014, at our historic Inn! Mom will enjoy our beautiful restaurant in our Manor House and feel like she stepped back in time to a gentler, more sophisticated era. With wide sweeping views, and a crackling fireplace, she’ll dine in luxury.

Our spa is open for a day visit and we are conveniently located near Bucyrus, Marion, and Mansfield areas, as well as being open to serve guests who stay for an overnight or weekend getaway. There are plenty of treatments and add-ons to choose from.

As well, you might consider our special Mother’s Day Champagne tasting which is held on the evening of May 10, 2014. Come and enjoy a festive night of tasting elegant champagne choices as you celebrate her! A toast to Mom is certainly in order!

For extra pampering for mom, plan all the aforementioned into a weekend getaway with us! We’ll be happy to help you show your mother just how beautiful she is, inside and out!

To view more information on HideAway Country Inn, and keep updated on these and other events, go online to /. Be sure to call us at (800) 570-8233 to have our hospitality specialists assist you in making plans and to secure your reservations without delay!

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