Chocolate is Good for the Body, Mind, and Soul: Incorporate Some Flavor into Your Romantic Getaway


February 13, 2014

Chocolate is Good for the Body, Mind, and Soul: Incorporate Some Flavor into Your Romantic Getaway

We all know that chocolate is considered one of the most scrumptious delights we might ever place upon our taste buds, right? And research shows that it can have some health benefits for our insides as well. But did you know it is good for your body and mental outlook for many other reasons, too?

According to a article, chocolate's high caffeine content stimulates your circulation, allowing your blood to naturally rejuvenate and heal your skin. Its properties can also make your skin plump and supple as it assists in the building of collagen and elastin in your cells. This can leave your skin glowing and feeling smooth. Since chocolate is heavy in antioxidants, it helps to stop the flow of free radicals as well which lessens the effects of aging.

The USDA published a chart of antioxidant foods measured in ORACs (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity Units). For every 100 grams, dark chocolate has 13,120 ORACs, and blueberries have only 2,400, in comparison. That means that dark chocolate can really pack a punch in terms of creating healthier cells when eaten or used on your skin.

And besides that, don’t we just think of romance, indulgence, relaxation, and enjoyment when we hear the word chocolate? Chocolate is also used in aromatherapy, as it promotes a feeling of euphoria, some say even creating as much euphoria as having sex!

So, at HideAway Country Inn, located in Bucyrus, Ohio, we couple our serene and quiet bed and breakfast environment with rejuvenating spa choices that also include bringing in the scent of chocolate with massage oils and chocolate fizzmos for a warm bath. And what better time to give your sweetheart a gift to make them smile than during the month of February!

You can view our Chocolate Lover’s Package at the link, which includes a divine night of painting each other with chocolate and partaking of multiple chocolate choices to appease your taste buds. Our chocolate lava cake will make you stand up and declare yourself a champion of sweet!


Call HideAway Country Inn for a relaxing, fun, and special romantic getaway! Please reserve your stay with us at (800) 570-8233 today!

"All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!”  --Lucy Van Pelt in Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz

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