Romance Your Love Interest in February: Melt Their Heart with Wine, Dinner, and Ambiance!


February 11, 2014

Romance Your Love Interest in February: Melt Their Heart with Wine, Dinner, and Ambiance!

When someone thinks of romantic or luxurious getaways, food doesn’t fall far down the list! This is especially true when Valentine’s Day appears on the calendar and plans are made to knock each other’s socks off in ode to love and appreciation. Ever heard the saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” I think it’s safe to say that women enjoy a delicious meal and good glass of cheer as well.

Enjoy Our February Dinner Specials for Lovers

Decadent, rich foods that you savor on your tongue in delight while enjoying your sweetheart’s company is exactly what we specialize in during this month of love called February. Choose a few days this month that suit your schedule and we’ll make our scrumptious menu available all month long for lovers. Join us for a romantic getaway and enjoy creamy Lobster bisque or chocolate cheesecake topped with silky smooth chocolate mousse. Your lover’s eyes might never leave your gaze again.

With our menu items we offer some lovely wine accompaniments that will enhance and enlighten your palate and make your tastebuds sing. We are proud to offer you world-class wines in our dining areas at HideAway Inn! Enjoy a country getaway with dining and wines like those you might partake at high-class city restaurants. We have been awarded the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2012 and 2013, due to our on-site Sommelier (Level 2) and our climate controlled historic wine cellar. We have over 150 different wines for you to select from, all which pair nicely with our delicious menu items.

To see all the Valentine specials we have to offer during the month of February, and their suggested wine pairings, head to our dining page at: /lodging/valentines-day/valentine-menu

Call us for reservations and dine at HideAway Country Inn, just a short drive away from Ashland, Marion, Bucyrus, or Mansfield, Ohio. Instead of wasting valuable time standing in long lines at chain restaurants, make your romantic dining experience unique and memorable!

Candlelight Dinner for Two

Dream of sharing a private, intimate dinner with the one you love? Sparkling candle, crackling fireplace, warm hands reaching across the table to yours…you can feel free to make eyes at each other since you are dining in private!

Make this wonderful impression by surprising your partner with a romantic dinner for two. If you’d like to choose a candlelight romance dinner, you have the choice dining together in the: Library, with a cozy table nestled within a room with bookshelves and cherry inlaid décor, with a wood burning fireplace, and a historical ambiance; our Chandelier Dining Room, which is an intimate setting with a sparkling chandelier and a large picture window overlooking our gardens or our snow covered terrain; or our Wine Cellar, offering a quaint, historical climate controlled cellar with over 150 wine varieties to choose from, but you will want to dress warm for this choice, as the cellar is kept between 55 and 61 degrees. If your loved one gets cold easy, you might opt for the choice with the fireplace to score the most love points!

Here is more information dinners served on our website, here: /dining/private-candle-light-dinner-for-two

Choose a Valentine Package Anytime in February

At Hideaway Inn, a romantic getaway is always at your fingertips; however, we are offering some special Valentine packages that include some wonderful dining choices. You can choose one of our packages anytime in February and enjoy an overnight or two in our lovely themed Loft rooms. Treat your sweetheart to a stay in the Louis XVI room, with all the frills and elaborate décor, or stay in our Africa room and pretend you are on Safari. There are so many wonderful choices to choose from that include appetizers reminiscent of the Emperors of Rome, delicate chocolates, or breakfast in bed and a candlelight dinner in a locale of your choice at our Inn.

To see what we have to offer, go to:  /lodging/valentines-day/valentine-packages

HideAway Country Inn, located in Ohio, is here to make your lover’s retreat unforgettable with a superb dining experience, please call (800) 570-8233 to make your reservations today! We look forward to you spending your time away with us.

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